Friday, May 16, 2014

National Bike to Work Day.....or Day 5!

Ok, this is it....the day that everyone biked to work, right!?  Well, ok so at least some of you probably did and hopefully the same thing can be said around the country.  Who knows, maybe we hit double digits on mode share today (10% of people road to work)? 

Anyway, there were definitely more people out and about today on bikes and the evidence was present on my 4th St. commute.  Although it could be that they just wanted pancakes and bacon, which was being served up at the Reno Bike Project!

Just a couple bikes here and there.  Actually the racks were packed to overflowing!

Barely a seat left!

Celebrities were out and's the Cuter Commuter (of local blogging fame) showing you don't have to don spandex to ride.  (She's in the pink sweater if it wasn't obvious).

And the Cuter Commuter's ride....also well dressed.

And just to show you the city of Sparks cares about bike to work day....I road in the cleanest bike lane you can get to wrap up this weeks commute to work.  I definitely gave him a big thumbs up when I passed him.  

You can't find a cleaner bike lane than this! 
So I hope everyone got out for a ride this week.  And remember....Reno is a great place to ride every day, so keep those tires rolling as summer gets here!

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