Thursday, May 1, 2014

More bikepacking stoves.....

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I decided I'd try a few different versions of the alcohol stoves.  If you look at the previous post and the link to the pedaling nowhere you can see the plans.  I opted for a small yac stove and the penny stove.

So you can see the three of them here....sorry about the bad picture.  The tall yac stove (yet another can stove) on the left, the penny stove (center), and the small yac stove currently running.  So, why build or have all these different models?  Basically, the height of the yac stove or the design difference of the penny stove yield different burn rates and characteristics. 

For example, the tall yac stove burns hot and fast and is best for just boiling water (in like 3.5 minutes), while the short yac stove burns longer 5+ minutes on one ounce of fuel and boils in about 5 minutes.  The penny stove burns even longer 10+ minutes on the same fuel and is more of a simmering option ( does boil but takes quite a while).  So, depending on what you want/need out of the stove, one design might be better than another.

Here you can see the lower flame profile of the small yac stove with the lights lower.  With the larger yac stove flames licks way up the sides of the kettle.  Anyway, nothing to do with biking but still pretty fun to experiment with.

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