Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crazy things to put on a bike.....but awesome!

Ok, obviously this is not an original idea because there's a picture of it right below....however, it doesn't make it any less awesome.  If you grew up in the mid-west and had a father who was a hunter / fisher type guy, you probably owned a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.  Yep, if you've seen the cult classic movie A Christmas Story, it's the same BB gun that Ralphy wanted ("You'll shoot your eye out").  How does this relate to bicycles?

Just take a look along his front fork....a bicycle mounted gun scabbard with a BB gun.  While technically it's not the Red Ryder (it's an even smaller version) I think you see the point.  And not that I'm recommending this....but here's this guy in action with it!

Also for the record I don't know this guy.  I found an article with these pics over at  This was a fairly epic ride that some of those guys did out in the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge.  You can read the full story over there!

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