Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bike to Work Week....Day 4.

I'd love to tell you I have some great, exciting material for day 4.  The truth is that I rode my bike to work. 

It wasn't particularly exciting (probably just because it's not new)....but it was fun.  I was consciously aware that I smiled several times.  I know for a fact that I was singing in my head (which is definitely where my singing should stay...and wifey would confirm this).  It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny morning with near perfect temperatures. 

So actually, I guess that is pretty great.  I bet my commute was better than the 99 % of people who hopped in their car this morning!

Other than those thoughts I don't have much today.  I found a few closed roads to make my private bike lane, and a few more patches of gravel and dirt to add to my ride!  So those are the pictures you get for today.

Closed road = Private bike lane.

Only 10 ft off the bike path and you've got yourself a nice little dirt alternative.

Another dirt diversion....and a riverside view.

More dirt.

Again...most of this is only a few feet from the river path, but it makes the ride just a little new and different.

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