Friday, May 30, 2014

Reno Tahoe Odyssey takes off.

Well on the ride in today the whitewater park was crawling with runners and support I'm guessing the Odyssey must be kicking off this morning.  Here's a few pics.

Sorry, this one was a camera quick draw while riding with no hands...just wanted to capture the outfits!

Support vehicles at the ready.

Gathering for the start.

Starting gate.
I've never done the Odyssey for the record.  I run quite a bit thanks to wifey, and even do organized 1/2 marathons.  The entry fee for the Odyssey is just a bit steep for my tastes.  Not to mention the cost of renting a support vehicle that can carry 12 people.  However, it is for a good cause so I'm glad it fills up. 

So if you want to see a little chaos this morning head down to the whitewater park and watch the start.  The runners will be organized....but the support vehicles trying to get out of downtown is always a bit crazy!

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