Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Bicycle Trip to Deschutes Brewery!

Ok, more stuff from the Bend, OR trip.  Shockingly none of us had actually ever been on the Deschutes Brewery tour....even the Preacher and his Wifey....who have lived in Bend on multiple occasions!  To their credit, they lived in Bend before this version of the brewery even existed!  Anyway, how do you do a bike tour of a brewery?  Here's how.....

Ride in style on a pimped out tandem.  Make sure to even do your banking by bicycle!  After'll probably need to purchase souvenirs!

Arrive in time for your tour....or early if you'd like to start the tour with a taster of fine Deschutes beer!  Make sure to photo document the brew house and that the employees store their bikes right in the brew house!
***Note...this photo is not staged.  There really was a bicycle in the brew house when we toured through!***

End the tour back in the tap room.  Make sure to try all of your favorite beers and purchase lots of schwag!

Leave brewery tour by bike....notice another bicycle in brew house.  Take more photos that show your bikey reflections in the brewhouse window!

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