Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wet weather riding...riding the ride.

It was definitely raining on the commute home last night....the jeans were quite wet by this point!

I wrote a nice little piece yesterday about riding when the weather shows up.  You might have notice in the photo yesterday morning, there was no real weather.  That changed after I got to work, leaving a very wet ride home from the waist down (I forgot my rain pants)!  I remedied that this morning and even with the steady rain I made it to work 99 percent dry.

Ok....your head and hands might get a bit wet.  Like I said...99% dry!

The real question is why would anyone do this....ride a bike in the rain, when I rode past my perfectly functioning truck as I left the driveway?  In some ways it's just my routine.....wake up, coffee, check some web sites, shower, pack the bike, ride to work.  I really don't watch the weather that closely, because 90 percent of the time you don't really have to in Reno.  And that's what makes the snowy or rainy days fun.  They're different and it makes the commute interesting.

And I guess there's the real's FUN!  We all did this when we were little.  Ran around (or rode) when it was raining.  Headed straight for the mud puddles.  We didn't care that we got wet or dirty.  It only takes a second to change into dry close!  So get out there and recapture what you had before you got all serious and didn't want to get wet, dirty, or plan how to have FUN!

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