Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Impending weather....makes you decide whether to commute.

Yep, grey skies and almost foggy conditions in some places this morning.  Along with the threat of a winter storm warning for this evenings return commute.  The question is did you still pull on an extra layer and head out the door? 

A little bit of weather makes everyone ask the question, "Is it worth it today?".  For me the answer on these days is usually yes.  For whatever reason, I almost like the challenging days (riding in the rain or snow or whatever) more.  Part of it is for the bragging rights to say I did it, but the other part is that you really get a unique set of sights, sounds, and even smells with a commute in different weather.  You probably know what I mean in some respect....we all have smelled the "fresh" ozone smell after a big thunderstorm....or noticed the smell of sagebrush after a gentle rain.  The same is true of riding during a snowstorm and seeing the snow start to stick to the ground for the first time.  So don't give up on the stormy days...they might just lead to a unique riding and sensory experience.

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