Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Another morning commute....detours and other cold weather riders.

There is some road work on Mill St. just east of the Automobile museum that detours traffic into the bike lane (just a heads up).  It's short and doesn't cause any real issues.  However, it always makes me wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to require this type of lane shift to have a sign out front that states bicycles may use full lane (or similar).  Anyway, just a thought.  

In other news, 36 degree temperatures don't scare off all the other bicycle traffic!  I saw 5 people out on my way to work, including this guy.  I'm always pleased to see other riders making the effort.  This one is even better because he's the newest guy working at my office and he bumps the "nutter" winter riders in our office to two!  If anyone's doing the math....this means we have increased ridership in our office by 100 percent!  What can I say....I take what I can get!

So buck up...throw on some layers...get a good light and enjoy the only traffic free lane on a road near you!

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