Monday, December 22, 2014

Please pay attention while driving!

***Update***  The pedestrian was in a cross walk at the time of the initial collision.  Was struck by a second vehicle in addition to the original collision. 

From RGJ:

The pedestrian killed in a crosswalk in north Reno this morning was hit by two vehicles, police say.
The investigation is ongoing, but Reno police Lt. Scott Dugan said the second vehicle hit the pedestrian with a "much greater significance than the first." That vehicle fled the scene, Dugan said. The driver of the first vehicle is cooperating, police said.

I realize that everyone thinks they pay attention while I'm including myself in this request.

The ingrained response we all give such a request is....."I do pay attention!"....but I'm not sure we really do.  If we all really did, we wouldn't be seeing these car vs. pedestrian accident reports about every 2-3 weeks (and it has been that often this year).

So why not actually take the time to watch the markings on the roads on your way home today.  Count the number of cross walks you pass on your own personal commute.  Note where they are....note the ones you never even noticed before even more.  Just this type of simple awareness exercise will help you avoid the situation!

And before the haters start in.....yes, I realize the guy crossing in a dark hoody, dark jeans, at night, in an area with no marked cross walk is adding to his own personal responsibility for crossing a road.  So...people who walk and cross roads at night....Stop doing this. 

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