Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Biking in Bend.

Ok, too much stuff is happening in life for a really good write up on this....but there was a Bend trip.  There was a good amount of biking involved.  I'll try to do it justice later, but for now here are some pics.

There was general biking around town....in this case over to Deschutes for the brewery tour.  Note the buffered bike lane!

There was mountain biking on great single track.

There were hot toddies at the electric bike shop!

Before we headed out on the hot toddy Christmas ride.

Everybody had the bikes decked out with lights, bells, tinsel, etc.

The ride ended under the Hwy 20 bridge...which seems lame, until you are told there was a cargo bike with a very large sound system on it.  This turned into a bike light dance party.  The culvert acted as a nice base amplifier!

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