Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Midtown Design point of view.

It's really not that hard folks.  Here's what I came up with in about 20 minutes using  It fits protected bike lanes, bus stops, trees, and parking.  Yep, we give up some parking.  And we make the whole road work better!

One lane each island...that would have turn lanes at "significant" intersections.  Still room for protected bike lanes and 6-14 foot sidewalks.  And the six foot "narrow" sidewalk is only at bus stations.

Where there aren't bus stops....put in a tree, parklet, benches, or wider sidewalks!

Or heck....even add back in some parking.  Yes, I realize the car would have to cross the bike lane to park. 

Perhaps a bi-directional bike lane.  Then the bus stop/tree/parking spots on the left side are more accessible?
 So....come on RTC.  Let's put some options on the table like this!

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