Friday, April 10, 2015

Remembering Erica Greif.

Last night there was a ride and candlelight vigil to celebrate the life of Erica Greif.  I found myself somewhat amazed at the number of people someone so young had obviously touched.  There were hundreds of riders gathered at Bibo's when I rolled up about 8 pm.  I didn't take pictures at the gathering or during the seemed inappropriate.  I did grab a few shots taken at Bibos and on the ride from RGJ just to show how many people loved this little gal.

The group ride that followed was just as amazing to see.  Virginia St. was completely filled for several blocks (no exaggeration) as we rolled out (with a police escort).  Perhaps the first time in a long time Virginia St. in Midtown has actually been reclaimed by bikes....something I think Erica would have enjoyed. 

It's also worth noting that every aspect of cyclist was represented...hipsters, commuters, bike couriers, mountain bikers, club riders, team/pro riders, and regular people who just ride bikes...Erica had friends in every group and age range there is.

We rolled though the Midtown neighborhood for a bit and ended up at Newland's Park for the candlelight memorial and to place a ghost bike in Erica's honor.

Her family and close friends lead a very nice gathering including a reading from her younger brother about Erica.  If there was a single person who didn't cry I'd be surprised.

As things wrapped up I chatted with several folks I knew, sharing stories about Erica .  I was ready to leave but I felt like things were unfinished in some way.  I guess that's the only way you can feel when someone so young and full of energy and life dies.  So Ride in Peace'll be remembered!

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