Friday, April 17, 2015

Working to make Virginia St. (Mid-town) a Great Street.

Last night was yet another meeting...I think we're up to 4 or 5 days in a row (although I've not attended them all) about the future of Virginia St. and making it work for everyone....not just cars.  The Great Streets Coalition is hitting it's stride early and last night we were talking with the Mid-town merchants group.  The long and short of it from our point is that if we build the street correctly (perhaps even giving up a couple parking spots) it will draw people on foot and by bicycle....and we want to remind the merchants that these people shop more often and spend more $$$$ than people who arrive by car.  Check out the cause at:

I took some quality time to review my literature before the meeting at Craft Bottle Shop (yeah, shocking...I know.)

Climber Girl giving a very good presentation on how bicycles and walking are the future for Mid-town and that losing a few parking spots might actually increase their business!

And it was a full house.

Jenny Brekhus has attended almost every meeting.  She really does have her finger on the pulse of this.  My only question is where is Neoma Jardon (since she is the chair of the RTC board)!?

And even better....Jenny arrives by bike! 

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