Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Virginia Street Design Throwdown and Great Streets Coalition!

As I rolled up to the Virginia St. meeting last night I saw what is starting to be a very regular sight at public meetings when street planning is on the agenda....piles of bikes!

You know it's going to be fun when the bike racks are full and bikes are locked up to every pole in sight!  The meeting itself was no less entertaining. 

Over a year ago we saw "design options" for Midtown and we were to post stickers on the options we liked.  The strongest sentiment by far showed up on the designs with bike lanes and expanded sidewalks.  And it wasn't even 75 percent of the stickers were biking and walking favored option.

Last night we were presented with three updated design options.....not a single one included a bike lane (although wider side walks were there)....but have no fear not a single parking spot was lost.  The response during comment time was rather pointed.  Well over an hour of continuous comments basically all requesting the bike lanes and a large number of comments asking for a Great Street not just a complete street.  Even better these comments came from both cyclists and business owners!

This leads us into the Great Streets movement.  A coalition was recently formed to hold the City of Reno and RTC to the right path on this project.  After all....we won't get a shot at it again for 20+ years.  The Great Streets Coalition is just getting off the ground....but if you want to join in and help make Reno a great town to live in please check out the statement and links below:

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