Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Yet another reason to ride your bike!

No....not me...the sunglasses!

 Road finds.....yep, stuff you find on the road while riding.  It is of course an extremely varied mix of items.  Nuts and bolts and fasteners are probably the most common and kind of make you wonder how some of the cars are still held together.  And there's pocket change....mostly pennies, but sometimes you find a dime or quarter.  As a rule I stop for dimes or larger (I am Dutch after all)...but I've scored a $20 bill within the last month....and even found a $100 bill years ago! 

My other list of treasures includes two nice folding knives, a 6 inch straight blade knife, and an adjustable crescent wrench.  Today I found the best one in a while....a pretty much new pair of Rayban Aviator sunglasses.  Lenses up and no scratches (which is a serious improvement over my own sunglasses)!

So keep your eyes peeled while never know what you'll find!


  1. It pays to commute by bicycle - doesn't it?!?! As an April's Fool's Joke I posted on FB that I found a $100 bill but it's nice to hear that it really does happen!

  2. It does indeed! And my hipster cool factor is now elevated as a bonus!