Monday, April 27, 2015

Midtown Redesign Merchant Preferred Alternatives.

Ok, there has been a firestorm of meetings over the last couple weeks regarding how to redesign Virginia St. through Midtown.  The whole process began because cyclists, pedestrians, and some business owners felt the design was to auto centric.  The tough part is that here is only 64 feet at the narrowest portion (the north end) of Virginia St. from Stewart to Vasser.  After a lot of proposed designs and some conversations (both heated and level headed) a vote was held by the Midtown Merchants group.  These were their preferred alternatives and likely what will be pushed for City Hall to adopt.

As you can see....the southern portions of the redesign have proposed Reno's first buffered bike lanes!  And the northern portion will retain parking (very important from the Merchant's point of view) and introduce the first fully sharrowed lanes along with a speed limit reduction to between 15-20 mph.  All locations will have 12 foot side walks rather than just the legally required 6 foot sidewalks.  A compromised for both sides but hopefully something that will make Midtown a bicycle and pedestrian destination that it should be while still allowing good flow through for traffic!

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