Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A new brewery to bike to!

It's been open for a couple weeks now....but I finally managed to get down to the newest brewery in Reno, The Depot, over the weekend.  It's the old train station that you've probably driven by a hundred times on 4th Street and never given much thought to as it's been boarded up for the last 25 years.  It looks a bit different these days!

The front entrance on 4th Street...nice to finally see this building without boards!

The restored interior bar/restaurant area.  Very nicely remodeled.

While there is car parking in the rear...the bike parking is immediately adjacent to the door!  And yes, I suck at photography.

And the bike parking was almost completely full!

In addition to restoring the building to it's original glory.  The project also restored the surrounding grounds, so there will be some patio activities once the weather warms up.  The entire place is surrounded by a rather impressive iron fence (6' plus high) with brick columns and lighting.  While I'm sure they might not like it, this makes for a nice overflow bicycle lock up point!

So get down and check it out.  The Voyager IPA I tried was a very good example of the style and while I didn't try any food on my first pass, everything I saw served looked really good!

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