Thursday, January 15, 2015

Reno City Council Vows Action on Unsafe Streets.

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Unfortunately, it takes pedestrians dying to get a little action from pretty much all of our city and government entities.  Yes, they do the studies and identify locations that need improvement.....but $$$ for those improvements are rarely "available" until after incidents occur.  Let's hope the city councils actually follows through on this. 

Unfortunately, I'm skeptical.... and I'll give an example why...Starting with this quote from Naoma Jardon from the article:
Councilwoman Neoma Jardon, her voice trembling after Sheltra showed his video (where a pedestrian is struck by a car), promised immediate action.

"That was very sad," she said. "These are not red dots on a map. These are lives."
A great quote....however, councilwoman Jardon has repeatedly argued against complete street projects (most recently Keystone Ave.) that would reduce traffic speeds, number of lanes and crash potential, and create a more friendly environment for people who what to walk or ride bikes.   Her previous argument for not supporting this type of pedestrian friendly redesign.....she's afraid it will delay people getting to work. 

So, fingers crossed that she and the council have turned a new leaf and are ready to make Reno a more pedestrian friendly town!

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