Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lunchtime wandering....

I decided I'd actually get out of the office at lunch since the weather was so nice.  You know, just a little 1/2 hour break.  I figured it might be a good chance to check out the new SE Connector bridge and ride along the river a bit.  Here's the route I planed.

Basically, roll out from my office heading east on Mill St. to McCarren, jog over to Clean Water Way and ride through the UNR Farm and then catch the bike path over the newly constructed SE Connector.  The final leg was to grab the bike path back to Rock park and around to the office.  Perfect....except for the SE Connector is all fenced off.  So at least I had a nice little ride along through the UNR farm and got to enjoy the nice day.

Clean Water traffic and fairly pretty.

The new bridge under the SE Connector.  The bike path is just before the bridge.

Unfortunately, it's fenced of with a very stern NO TRESPASSING I just continued on out the road.

Which was totally worth while because these guys were just hanging out waiting for me to snap some pictures!

It also marked my turn around point as apparently the sewage treatment plant is a bloody city treasure and the public isn't allowed anywhere near it.  Granted why would anyone want to visit....this just seems a bit stern.

Also, one final note....if you happen out this way on any bike (or heck....even walking), watch the new cattle grates.  The gaps on these things will swallow you up if you don't pay attention!

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