Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oregon Outback....a plan begins to form.


I wanted to do this ride last year, but even though it's an "unofficial" ride, it had so many people sign up in the early stages that the Velodirt folks asked people to basically stay away.  This year they are going completely hands off...meaning what you see above is what you get.  Basically, if you want to do it, show up on this date and time.  The route looks like this in overview:

In keeping slightly true to form....I'm planning to cheat.  In this case I'm going to cut the ride short when I cross highway 20.  I'll be detouring West and finishing up the ride in Bend, Oregon.  Basically because BEER and a little place called Brother Johns!  And also if this goes as planned, the guy who should/will be riding this with me lives there.   It also makes this a convenient stopping point to keep this a two to three day ride (220ish miles) and fit my work schedule a bit better.

So anyway, that's the plan.  What are you doing with your new year!?

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