Monday, January 19, 2015

Reno Bike Project "Snow" Roll.

Who would have guess that 75 (!) people would have showed up for a bike ride called the Snow Roll in the middle of January....but they did!!  If you missed it don't despair as the Reno Bike Project is trying to make this a monthly thing.  So with that reassurance, here's what you missed.

We gathered at high noon at the Aces ball park (where we were told we were not welcome!?) because we were blocking people from accessing the businesses.  As you can see this was obviously a huge and very real problem....

So, despite the fact that these guys owe the City of Reno $600,000 in back taxes and that the city is helping their business by putting the ice rink can't gather for a ride.  We moved to the parking lot across the street, as requested, where the bike racks are....and then they kicked us out of bike rack area!  Long story short...Aces baseball sucks.  Oh....and to top it off....our event got them free press coverage from channel 2 news!

After all this, we found a nice vacant lot that the Aces doesn't own to gather in.  We represented almost every type of bike possible.  Road bikes (racing and recreational flavors), mountain bikes, fat bikes, bamboo bikes, tandems, cruisers, tall bikes, trail along bikes, trailers, and even a recumbent!  By my reckoning the only bike types we were missing were a folding bike and a trike. 

As we waited....more people just kept showing up!  By the time we rolled out we were pushing 70+ and catching random folks as we rode.  Amazing how a bunch of bikes taking over a street picks up random cyclists who just want to see what's up.  It also turns the head of just about every pedestrian and driver you pass! 

We followed the route above, headed for a stop at Hub Coffee for free hot chocolate and some bicycle socializing!  I only snapped one picture because I was blabbing with new people, drinking great coffee, and making plans for a group mini-tour (look for details on this you're all invited).

This however was enough to make me get out the camera....

Yep, a kayak being towed via bicycle.  I told you we had darn near every bicycle configuration possible!

After 45 minutes of enjoying the spring like weather, we rounded everyone up and rolled back down 1st Street to the evil Aces empire.  By this time most of the crew was hungry (from our exhausting 2 mile ride!)....and we were planning to eat at Arroyos (part of the Aces evil empire).  Needless to say, plans were altered and about 30+ of our riders ended up over at the new Depot Brewery.  They weren't concerned at all about our bikes clogging their bike racks, locked to their fence, or scattered around their entry way.  Apparently, they recognized us as customers and not a problem to be dealt with via security guards! 

After a few really good beers (the IPA, Sour Wheat, and Saison all get a thumbs up), great food, and more bicycle conversation, everyone finally remounted bikes and headed for home.  All in all a great first slow roll!  Be sure to join us on the next one!


  1. I'm sorry I missed this but kitchen remodeling duty got in the way. Next month hopefully. I also hope that someone who was there is officially calling the Aces on that BS?! Maybe it was just an overzealous security guard who needs some education?

    1. No kitchen remodel required many a missed bike ride! It's too bad the Aces won't "play ball" this case, it was actually a manager at Arroyo who brought the security guy in. Strange move as I was planning to eat there at the end of the ride and told him so. It was all very civil, but unfortunately, it just means I won't be going there for any reason in the future. There are a lot of businesses in Reno with better beer who will accommodate bicycles.

  2. Thanks for posting about this Andy. Your post actually found its way to the President of the Aces, Erik Edelstein. He contacted me and was extremely apologetic. He said it was just a misunderstanding and said he wanted to make it right. In the end I think it was just people trying to do right. Oh well, we'll try again some day.

  3. Close. You didn't have any velomobiles appear, but I am working on making that happen. I definitely can get a trike to appear in the future. It was a great varied turnout and it's wonderful you're helping make that happen.

  4. Oh I didn't see the bicycle towing kayak!! That was fun and I can't wait to do it again.