Monday, January 26, 2015

S24O to configure your bike.

Ok, if the S24O post a few days ago got your blood pumping and your googling under the topic of bikepacking to a frenzied pace....then this post is for you.  I'm planning a group ride from Wingfield Park down to Davis Creek Park....stay overnight (camping)....and ride back to Reno the following day.  You are invited!  And to be totally clear...I will be providing the route and the start time/meeting place, beyond this you are technically on your own.

Anyway, this post is basically going to be pictures I've found on the internet (mostly from the Oregon Outback ride) that will show bikes in various states of "camping mode".  So depending on your interest, budget, and commitment.  Find a bike that has a configuration you like....or one you think you can get your bike looking like.  If you can accomplish're probably 90 percent of the way to joining us on the ride!

On to bike configurations!

A classic bikepacking configuration....handle bar bag, frame bag (bag custom made to fit the large triangle of your bike), and a seat bag.  Also....girls bikepack.  This is not just a boys club!

A nice mountain bike setup....small no frame bag.  Note the fairly small carrying capacity.  Keeping in mind bikepacking is often a minimalist pursuit.

Minimalist doesn't mean no coffee, hot food, or even what appears to be freshly butchered steak!

Here's a bike set up with a large (porter style) front rack and a seat bag.

Lots of configurations here....traditional rear rack and panniers with handle bar bags.  Front and rear pannier combos.  Mountain bikes...road bikes....they'll all get the job done!

How about just a front rack with a wire basket and a rear rack / large seat bag?

More examples that show almost any configuration and bike will do!

It takes all types!

Somewhere in what ever bag / bike combination you devise....there should be a celebration.  For these guys it was one bottle of beer.  Pick your reward for the campground!
Now...for the record, many of these are highly customized setups (and can cost $$$).  You can certainly get by with a simple rear rack (from your local bike shop or REI) and a well organized duffle bag strapped down to it.  Add a small back pack if you need additional room.  It might not be the pimped out setup you envision for your future trips...but this all about getting out the door in the near future and getting started with you bikepacking adventure.  So get the setup started and I'll get back to you in the near future with a post on exactly what to put in whatever bike/bag configuration you've got set up!

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  1. Dear Fearless Bikepacking Leader: I think I have the setup...a front rack, a rear rack and two large panniers. All I need to get is a beer growler carrier or a wine bottle carrier and I'll be set!!