Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Group Bikepacking / Intro to touring ride / S240....and you're invited!

Okay kids, this is it.  Always think you wanted to go on a bike tour?  Did the planning put you off?  Never seemed to have enough time?  Think you needed a new bike and a bunch of gear to do it?  Well, if these were the things holding you back...then this is your chance to get out on your first tune up tour.

We'll be doing an S24O bike trip (sub 24 hour overnight) departing from Wingfield Park in Reno and setting up camp at Davis Creek Park for the evening, followed by a return trip to Wingfield park the following day.  It's about a 21 mile each way with between 1100-2000 feet of climbing depending on the route you select.  We'll be offering two routes depending on your climbing prowess and your desire to avoid higher speed roadways.

Worried about gear, bike setup, the fact that you've never ridden 40+ miles in 24 hours time?  Not a problem.  We'll be having both blog posts and some actual in person / non-cyberspace meetings to show you the ropes.

So on to the details (or at least the ones that exist right now)...First up, the proposed dates are either the weekend of March 14th or March 28th (to be decided).  Detail number two....

Route options:

Option 1.  No really busy, high speed roads....but more climbing (e.g. elevation gain) to deal with and a tiny little gravel section (sorry...I couldn't help myself).

Option 2.  Big wide roads (and wide shoulders) with more traffic at higher speeds....but significantly less climbing.
Or....we could combine the two routes can be combined into a nice loop if you don't want to see the same scenery twice, the hills beat you down on the way in, or you're looking for more traffic to hitch hike your way out of this mess somewhere in the middle!  Anyhow....these or other proposed routes will be up for debate at some point.

Ok, hopefully that gets your mind spinning about the possibility of tagging along on this little adventure.  I'll be posting soon on gear selection and bike configuration....so stay tuned if your interested!

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  1. A loop sounds like a great idea! I'm excited!!