Friday, January 30, 2015

S24O bike configurations....some thoughts.

I've been tinkering with different bag and rack configurations lately in preparation for our little s24o trip down to Davis Creek park.  Right now I'm running a frame bag, handlebar bag, and seat bag (all from Revelate designs).

This is my "minimalist" setup...meaning the configuration should limit me from bringing too much gear because the bags can only hold so much.  This is a good thing for me because I'm an over packer.  And I seriously am...for instance if I'm bringing a stove for a brain've got two stoves....and they only weigh a few ounces each....bring a backup.  The reality being I probably won't even fire up one stove, let alone need a backup. 

With that in'll notice I still didn't take off the rear rack (which weights more than 2 pounds) even though I'm not using it.  You know...because if I leave it on and have stuff I have to bring at the last minute...I can throw in the two large rear panniers that go there!  Or, I could help someone out if they are over packed and struggle on the hill climbs...I'd have room to take some stuff from them.  Arghhhh!!!  See, my brain wants me to carry a lot of gear and just suffer!

So if you're planning on joining in on this little ride.  Start thinking about how you want to roll.  Fully packed or light weight!  If you're like me, it might take a while to beat your over packing instincts into line!

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