Thursday, January 29, 2015

New bike lanes vs. new parking spots....

Ok, I'm actually not opposed to this (Mid-town doesn't have a lot of parking)....but I think we need to call out the double standard that the City of Reno is working with.

Basically, in less than a few months time we saw the idea proposed to eliminate a traffic lane from Center St. (behind Junkie) and put in about 15 parking spaces to serve Mid-town go from an idea to "we're doing it". My problem is with the process. If we want to remove a lane for a complete street process (California, Mayberry, Keystone), it takes a minimum of a year....and often longer.  There are proposals, design work (multiple options), multiple public meetings, design changes, and finally the idea is presented to the Reno city council for approval.

Even when all the proper procedures have been followed, a council member like Naoma Jardon can take a completed project like the Keystone street design, and scuttle it with a comment stating simply that she's worried about reducing lanes because it will impede people from getting to work.  Interesting that she's on board with reducing traffic lanes on Center St.....since it's a direct line for people coming from central/south Reno to get to the business district downtown. the way, bicycle lanes were nixed for Mid-town just last year....lanes that would have allowed hundreds of people to easily arrive and spend money.  This "solution" will allow 15 people (assuming single occupancy vehicles) to arrive in Mid-town to spend money. 

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