Friday, May 4, 2012

4th St. Reno News and Review Cover Story Ride.

Ok, I was able to join the 4th ride on Wednesday.  It was a chance to head down the latest lanes that are looking at a reconfiguration.  Meaning you might not have to be in a large steel box on wheels to use them (e.g. Pedestrians and cyclists).  It was an interesting ride with some notable people.  The RNR writer and photographer were led by Reno Bike Project staff and leadership, Andrew from the company (?) doing the corridor study,  city councilman Dave Aiazzi(!), and the rest of us for a total of 13 riders.  Not bad for a blustery Wednesday afternoon.

We made several stops along 4th St. for bikey round table discussions on how the new lane configurations would work and how we though people would react (both cyclists and drivers).  I think we passed along some really good info to the RNR reporter and I'm excited to see the article when it comes out.

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