Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bike to work week, the saga continues!

Well, Monday afternoon was probably either the best or worst ride of your life, eh?  I'm not sure what the actual wind speeds were but I hope you had a downwind return commute.  I didn't have the pleasure, but I did cheat and catch a ride home with wifey.  I know, I know, it's not in the spirit of Bike to Work Week.  Technically, however, the title is bike to work (not to and from) so I'm in the clear!

Tuesday's commute (which will be round trip for me) started out great.  I hit a traffic jam on the river path!

It's even worse than it looks.  As these intrepid gals worked to crest the hill  ahead, they encountered a pedestrian with a dog (you can just make her out) and another oncoming cyclist.   It was like trying to navigate the spaghetti bowl at 8 am!

[begin sarcasm]
I immediately took offense that these people were using my road (I mean trail) and slowing my personal progress.  I aggressively rang my bell, flipped the bird, and shouted, "Learn how to drive...I mean ride!" as I passed in an unsafe manner. 
[end sarcasm]

Wait, wait....wrong form of transportation.  I actually slowed down and patiently waited as they hit the small hill.  As I passed, with a quick ring of the bell, I told them good morning.  They responded in kind with a smile.  I bet folks in the constricted lanes on I-80 weren't so friendly!

So if you haven't given it a try.  Grab the bike tomorrow.  Head out a little early.  Stop and get some free coffee from one of the participating venders and enjoy Bike to Work Week!

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