Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plumas meeting....if you want this bike lane come tell them!

Ok, this is actually an important one.  The Plumas bike lane / lane reconfigure is not a "done deal".  The city council member from this Ward (Sharon Zadra) is not what you might call bicycle friendly.  She took some heat from the California road diet and isn't looking to take more for Plumas.  And remember this was slated for 2011 and derailed by one guy who wanted his parking space protected over the greater good (click here for the story).

So if you want to get your opinion on the boards come to this meeting!!!

A few notes / stats from last nights BPAC meeting.  80% of drivers on Plumas currently speed!  The lane reconfiguration (2 options are up for grabs) would help this.  In addition the signal timing is being amazingly if you go the speed limit with less lanes and the new light timing you'll spend less time on Plumas than you do currently with speeding and waiting at the light!  Now that's good traffic engineering!

Details stolen from BikeReno:


Subject: Discuss and provide input for proposed safety improvements to Plumas Street. The improvements being considered include a three-lane configuration (travel lanes in each direction and a center turn lane) which is expected to slow traffic, improve safety, reduce crashes, improve sight distances at driveways and intersections and add parking and bike lanes. Additionally, the improvements are expected to provide ADA and pedestrian space where sidewalks do not exist or are inadequate and improved bus stop location and amenities.

When: Thursday, May 24, 2012 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Where: Anderson Elementary School
1055 Berrum Lane
Reno, NV
Presentation Time: 6:30 pm
Link: Plumas Street Public Meeting


  1. Did you make it to this? I was there at the very beginning, but had to leave. It looked like it was going to get nasty.

  2. I didn't. I only found out about it the night before and had a class that conflicted. I'll try to talk to the BPAC guys and find out how it went. To bad....sounds like it might have made for a good post! Let's hope it leaned our way.