Monday, May 7, 2012

Food truck Friday....It's a hit!

I headed down the the "new" Food Truck Friday event.  It's currently held on the first Friday of each month at the old bus station on 4th St.  This is the second time it's been held and all I can say is I think they need to start doing it more often.  The crow was huge (again) and lines were 30+ minutes long. 

I was happy to wait since I had friends to chat with, but if it's this crowded perhaps holding the even a bit more often would mellow things out a little.  Either that or Reno needs more food trucks for the current demand (and that's a good thing)! 

On the bicycle side....there is bike parking (racks) left over from the bus station days, but they are "inside" the venue and it's hard to get to through the packed crowds.  Most riders (I counted about 20 bikes!) choose to lock up to benches that were outside the "cordoned off" area for the even.  Seems silly when there are racks available.  Since it's packed you'd think we'd use the entire area with benches for people to sit on and use the bike racks for bikes!

So all and all this event is a blast.  There are good venders (food, beer, and arts and crafts) and people are definitely showing up.  So mark your calendar for next month.  The weather will be even better and it's the new cool thing to do in Reno on Friday night!

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