Monday, May 14, 2012

Big city bicycle life.

I had the pleasure of passing through Salt Lake City last week on either side of some business in a much more remote location of Utah.  Although I didn't hang out for an extended time I notice all the signs of thriving bicycle culture.

Nice bicycle shaped art racks are located all around downtown.  Main St. has green painted bike lanes with clearly marked "Bicycles may use full lane" notation.  Riders were present in numbers that made me smile on nearly every main road.  Bike to work month banners flying everywhere the eye could see!

I was also impressed that Utah microbreweries have found an effective way to circumnavigate Utah's archaic alcohol laws.  Turns out if you get a beer on draft you're still getting 4 % ABV give or take.  If you buy it in a bottle (which they prompt you to do) you get the real deal.  I enjoyed great beers from Epic brewery, Red Rock brewery, and Squatters brewery (all in the bottle) and each one was a fairly big beer (averaging 8% ABV).  All and all, a good business trip!

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