Thursday, May 17, 2012

National Bike to work day!!!

This is it folks....tomorrow is the official Bike to Work day!  I'm giving you all evening to get that bike ready.  Tomorrow it's free coffee, pancakes, goodies at Reno Bike Project.  So just do it for the free meal!  If this isn't in your area check out free coffee at these locations:


  1. Andy, is there truly bike lane work in progress on Plumas? I will be so happy if I'm not imagining this! As a Plumas driver I stress every time I pass a cyclist, and as a rider I avoid that stretch from Moana/Urban if at all possible. Official bike lanes will make my year!

    1. Yes, Plumas will be undergoing a lane reconfiguration and bike lanes (and I believe sidewalks will be added). It might be an unconventional / interesting road diet but it's coming in the "near" future. Keep in mind this is just for the section between Plum Lane and Moana Lane (but every piece is a triumph).