Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apparently National Bike Month isn't recognized in Michigan!

A little background....Apparently, some kids (high school seniors) chose to forgo the typical senior prank and instead organized a group ride to school on the last day of classes.  This wasn't add hock.  They had a police escort and the town mayor stopped by to bring them donuts.

Upon arrival at school they were greeted by outrage from their principal and teachers for disrupting the school day, causing traffic problems (which made teachers late), and being irresponsible with their own personal safety (by riding a bike on a road).  They were then threaten with not being allow to walk at graduation (for this egregious act).

This one stings for me personally since I'm from the state of Michigan (fortunately, the other side of the state from this little slice of heaven).  It isn't however, particularly surprising to me.  Even though I grew up in a rural area and rode to school on trails on a regular basis, the mentality is that roads are for cars and cyclists better stay out of their way.

All in all it shows just how far we have to go to make bicycles a valid (and accepted) form of transportation!

Here's a clip (sorry about the add):

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