Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Center Street....Reno Fire Department Parking lot!

Ok, I posted on this last year.  Basically, the problem is if you park (illegally) on a roadside, directly in front of a cross walk....people trying to use the cross walk appear to jump out in front of moving traffic when they cross.

This is a pedestrian (and cyclist, since it's on the river path) safety issue.  This is what RPD and RFD should be helping out with.  Instead they are part of the problem.  When I mentioned it last year they at least parked 20 ft back from the cross walk (for about a week).  Now they're back to their old tricks.

Today there were 5 vehicles (all RFD) parked in these types of zones.  The initial response I got from the city was they couldn't use the parking garage (less than 50 ft away) because they might be needed for emergency response.  Since they park this way every day and are now up to 5+ vehicles I'm calling BS....not all of them are needed for emergency response.  And besides....these idiots are creating a public safety hazard.

Ok, thanks for letting me vent.  Now to call the stupid city again and see if I can actually make them realize the problem.  Wish me luck!

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