Tuesday, May 1, 2012

High winds, clear skys, clean riding!

Anyone else notice how clear the air was this morning?  Not that I didn't earn it....riding home in the steady 20 mph headwind (gusting to ???) yesterday wasn't my most enjoyable commute.  However, when the wind blows like that, you know that every last nasty particulate hanging in the air is being cleared out.  And that means clean air for the lungs the next morning! 

Thanks to the construction on Virginia, I also had some exceptionally clear riding too.

They actually had 4th St. closed at Virginia, so with the detoured traffic I had a hole shot for both lanes of 4th. for a few miles before the cars regrouped and reeled me in!

I don't think I actually had a car pass me until somewhere past the 395 underpass, so it really was like my own private road.  Hope your commuting adventures were as enjoyable!

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