Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blitzing Bend, OR (1/2 Marathon, mtn bike, road bike)!

Hope everybody had a great extended weekend.  Wifey and I squeezed every ounce of fun out of ours.  A mid-day departure Friday got us to Bend, OR by around 8pm to meet up with some friends from Olympia, WA.  In classic Bend style we began the evening at local brew pub.  There were a gaggle of people from Reno also in town and some friends who live in Bend so it was quite the organizational nightmare....and in the end Wifey and I just ended up having a relaxing beer with just the two of us.  Perfect way to ease into the weekend.  Growlers were purchased and festivities continued with friends back at the hotel.

The next morning the girls registered for their 1/2 marathon and an we visited McMenamins for some breakfast....with beer!  A good belgian in the morning to start things out right.  The girls then headed out for shopping and my friend and I met up with the Reno / Bend crew to hit some fabled mountain bike trails.  This isn't us but you'll get the idea!  Of course, good beer rounded out the evening (10 Barrels "pray for snow" and there "CDA" were the evening favorites)!

The rest of the trail network might not be quite as flowing and jumping...but the trails were some of the best I've ridden (and remember I was just in Moab).  I think we may have a new spring break destination (if it's not under snow).

The following morning we dropped the girls of for their race and grabbed the road bikes.  This time it was out West Century Drive towards Mt. Bachelor.  Notice the "Mount" in front of the name.  Yep, 2000 ft of climbing in 20 miles.  No warm up and no rest.  My dad would have been proud cause I definitely "built some character" on this one.  So did the poor guys we took with us who had never road biked in his life!  To his credit he rode it well, smiled the whole time, and thanked us for the intro.  Another rider he spoke with told him he might want to get better friends!  I sort of agree!

Once we completed the 40mph+ downhill return we meet up with the girls (who had already found a brewery...shocking) and had another great round of beers and some well deserved dinner.  Some additional shopping occurred because the girls needed jewelry (that involved more $$ than they could carry while running)!  The evening ended way to quickly and Monday morning after a bite to eat it was time to say farewell and head back to Reno.  Unfortunately, I wasn't too good at bringing out the camera, but I'll see if I can't come up with a pic tor two later.

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