Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How many bikes can your car carry?

I have a bad habit.  I don't really want to tell you about it, but I just need to fess up.  I bike to work, every day (well mostly)....but I don't always bike home.  There you've heard my dirty little secret.  I no longer need to not look you in the eyes every time I blog about my bicycling.

How is this even possible you ask?  Does he take the bus home?  Does he walk?  No the truth is wifey works at the same location I do.  She comes in the afternoon (after she completes her 1st job) and gets in a few hours of geology work every day.  If it's really windy, we have plans, or I'm just feeling lazy, I just catch a ride with her.  Some days I throw the bike in the back of the car....some days I just leave it in the office and ride another bike the next day.  Sometimes however my laziness means my office starts to look like a bicycle parking lot.

This occurred in an extreme case last week.  I had a car in the shop overnight for some repairs.  So wifey and I both rode in and parked bikes in my office where two other lazy day bikes already were present.  Meaning after picking up the car over lunch I now had a car, a wife, and four bikes to get home!  So, how many bikes can my car hold......

With the standard roof rack (2 bikes) and the glorious nature of a honda element (meaning large interior....xtracycle large) the answer is 4.  Technically, I have a rear rack that holds another 4 but hey, I'm not that lazy!

So, now about it.....How many can you carry?


  1. I can get four bikes in my car no problem (and no, I don't own some kind of super van). I do have a plethora of folding bikes though - I got my first Montague bike back in the early 90s, and I've got one for everyone in my family since. It's great when we all go places together - really easy to fit everyone and all the bikes in the car.

    1. I'd kill for a brompton! So little time so many bikes.