Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bike - Car Accident at Neil and Peckham.


From KRNV:

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & -- A collision between a biker and a car has happened on Neil Road and Peckham Lane. News 4 has a crew on the scene and we will have more information shortly.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From Steet films:

We've done over 450 Streetfilms in nearly 6 years!  We've been a lot of places. We've explored a lot of ideas. We've interviewed the top world experts in the transportation & livable streets realm.
We figured it was time to celebrate, so enjoy our sassy 2012 promo celebrating all that and more with this montage-arama featuring dozens of our Streetfilms of the past years.  We'll be using this promo to kick off all future movie screenings, community events and powerpoint presentations.  Enjoy.

These guys put out some great material.  If you haven't been to the site, check it out at:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blitzing Bend, OR (1/2 Marathon, mtn bike, road bike)!

Hope everybody had a great extended weekend.  Wifey and I squeezed every ounce of fun out of ours.  A mid-day departure Friday got us to Bend, OR by around 8pm to meet up with some friends from Olympia, WA.  In classic Bend style we began the evening at local brew pub.  There were a gaggle of people from Reno also in town and some friends who live in Bend so it was quite the organizational nightmare....and in the end Wifey and I just ended up having a relaxing beer with just the two of us.  Perfect way to ease into the weekend.  Growlers were purchased and festivities continued with friends back at the hotel.

The next morning the girls registered for their 1/2 marathon and an we visited McMenamins for some breakfast....with beer!  A good belgian in the morning to start things out right.  The girls then headed out for shopping and my friend and I met up with the Reno / Bend crew to hit some fabled mountain bike trails.  This isn't us but you'll get the idea!  Of course, good beer rounded out the evening (10 Barrels "pray for snow" and there "CDA" were the evening favorites)!

The rest of the trail network might not be quite as flowing and jumping...but the trails were some of the best I've ridden (and remember I was just in Moab).  I think we may have a new spring break destination (if it's not under snow).

The following morning we dropped the girls of for their race and grabbed the road bikes.  This time it was out West Century Drive towards Mt. Bachelor.  Notice the "Mount" in front of the name.  Yep, 2000 ft of climbing in 20 miles.  No warm up and no rest.  My dad would have been proud cause I definitely "built some character" on this one.  So did the poor guys we took with us who had never road biked in his life!  To his credit he rode it well, smiled the whole time, and thanked us for the intro.  Another rider he spoke with told him he might want to get better friends!  I sort of agree!

Once we completed the 40mph+ downhill return we meet up with the girls (who had already found a brewery...shocking) and had another great round of beers and some well deserved dinner.  Some additional shopping occurred because the girls needed jewelry (that involved more $$ than they could carry while running)!  The evening ended way to quickly and Monday morning after a bite to eat it was time to say farewell and head back to Reno.  Unfortunately, I wasn't too good at bringing out the camera, but I'll see if I can't come up with a pic tor two later.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Plumas restriping meeting via ktvn

Here's a quick recap of the two sides of the argument.  I'm really bummed I didn't get to attend the meeting.  Sounds like it must have been a little bumpy!  I'll update further after I talk to the RTC staff.

And a Reno Pump Track is Born!

Just got this from Kevin Joell (one of the guys leading the charge)!  If you're staying town please stop by to check it out and lend a hand.  Oh, and if you want to check out the details, here's the official proposal with pictures.


Apologies if you have already gotten this info from another source, but we want to make sure the word gets out.  You are getting this message as someone who signed the online support form for the Reno Pump Track a few months ago.  At the time, what seemed like a long way off, happened today; we started moving dirt on the site.  The Mechanized equipment will work through the weekend, but we are in need of people on Monday to help with finish work and dialing in the track!  Here's the info:

TAMBA and the Poedunks are hosting  a community build day on Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day) from 0900 until mid-afternoon. The location is Panther Valley Park, 650 Link Lane, 89506.  There is plenty of room for parking around the corner on Western Drive.  Volunteer to work all or part of the day, every little bit helps.  Monday's work day will involve  the finishing and dialing in of the multiple tracks and jump lines.  Wear Long pants, gloves, and sturdy shoes (no sandals, Teva's, Crocs, etc,). We will be using hand tools and most will be provided. But in case we get 30+ people,  please bring rakes, square shovels, or tampers if you have them(but write your name on them first).  Also, feel free to bring your bikes and helmets for test rides. Don't forget the kids and their bikes!  We need to dial in the kids track, too and I don't fit real well on a strider bike! Black Rock Bicycles will be providing a BBQ Lunch for all volunteers! 

The Grand Opening Party is tentatively scheduled for late afternoon on Friday, June 22.

You can RSVP and invite your friends using this facebook event.

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plumas meeting....if you want this bike lane come tell them!

Ok, this is actually an important one.  The Plumas bike lane / lane reconfigure is not a "done deal".  The city council member from this Ward (Sharon Zadra) is not what you might call bicycle friendly.  She took some heat from the California road diet and isn't looking to take more for Plumas.  And remember this was slated for 2011 and derailed by one guy who wanted his parking space protected over the greater good (click here for the story).

So if you want to get your opinion on the boards come to this meeting!!!

A few notes / stats from last nights BPAC meeting.  80% of drivers on Plumas currently speed!  The lane reconfiguration (2 options are up for grabs) would help this.  In addition the signal timing is being amazingly if you go the speed limit with less lanes and the new light timing you'll spend less time on Plumas than you do currently with speeding and waiting at the light!  Now that's good traffic engineering!

Details stolen from BikeReno:


Subject: Discuss and provide input for proposed safety improvements to Plumas Street. The improvements being considered include a three-lane configuration (travel lanes in each direction and a center turn lane) which is expected to slow traffic, improve safety, reduce crashes, improve sight distances at driveways and intersections and add parking and bike lanes. Additionally, the improvements are expected to provide ADA and pedestrian space where sidewalks do not exist or are inadequate and improved bus stop location and amenities.

When: Thursday, May 24, 2012 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Where: Anderson Elementary School
1055 Berrum Lane
Reno, NV
Presentation Time: 6:30 pm
Link: Plumas Street Public Meeting

I thought I had a bicycle parking problem!

On the one's going to steal it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apparently National Bike Month isn't recognized in Michigan!

A little background....Apparently, some kids (high school seniors) chose to forgo the typical senior prank and instead organized a group ride to school on the last day of classes.  This wasn't add hock.  They had a police escort and the town mayor stopped by to bring them donuts.

Upon arrival at school they were greeted by outrage from their principal and teachers for disrupting the school day, causing traffic problems (which made teachers late), and being irresponsible with their own personal safety (by riding a bike on a road).  They were then threaten with not being allow to walk at graduation (for this egregious act).

This one stings for me personally since I'm from the state of Michigan (fortunately, the other side of the state from this little slice of heaven).  It isn't however, particularly surprising to me.  Even though I grew up in a rural area and rode to school on trails on a regular basis, the mentality is that roads are for cars and cyclists better stay out of their way.

All in all it shows just how far we have to go to make bicycles a valid (and accepted) form of transportation!

Here's a clip (sorry about the add):

BPAC Meeting tonight and free bike lights!

Yep, another month has passed and BPAC (Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee) is back in action.  The meeting will take place at the RTC building that's under 395 (exit at plumb and cut back to  2050 Villanova Drive).  I've posted the agenda below:

One of the topics tonight will be the "Bright Reno Nights" program we've been working on.  Basically, if you need bike lights and / or helmets we are making them available to you for free!  Both NDOT and some of the local NAB (Neighborhood Advisory Boards) have donated money ($4000 to date) and we'll be using this money to buy lights and put together educational information to remind bicyclists and pedestrians they too are subject to the rules of the road! 

So come on out and see what it's all about.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How many bikes can your car carry?

I have a bad habit.  I don't really want to tell you about it, but I just need to fess up.  I bike to work, every day (well mostly)....but I don't always bike home.  There you've heard my dirty little secret.  I no longer need to not look you in the eyes every time I blog about my bicycling.

How is this even possible you ask?  Does he take the bus home?  Does he walk?  No the truth is wifey works at the same location I do.  She comes in the afternoon (after she completes her 1st job) and gets in a few hours of geology work every day.  If it's really windy, we have plans, or I'm just feeling lazy, I just catch a ride with her.  Some days I throw the bike in the back of the car....some days I just leave it in the office and ride another bike the next day.  Sometimes however my laziness means my office starts to look like a bicycle parking lot.

This occurred in an extreme case last week.  I had a car in the shop overnight for some repairs.  So wifey and I both rode in and parked bikes in my office where two other lazy day bikes already were present.  Meaning after picking up the car over lunch I now had a car, a wife, and four bikes to get home!  So, how many bikes can my car hold......

With the standard roof rack (2 bikes) and the glorious nature of a honda element (meaning large interior....xtracycle large) the answer is 4.  Technically, I have a rear rack that holds another 4 but hey, I'm not that lazy!

So, now about it.....How many can you carry?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cycle Pub is now in Reno!!

Taken from the RGJ:

Patrons pedal aboard the Cycle Pub, a people-powered party vehicle that lets you coast around downtown Reno. / Handout

Written by
Scott Oxarart

Cycle Pub

PHONE: 775-686-4233
RATE: $300 for 2 hours, one Cycle Pub holds 14 people ($21 per person)
WHERE: Tours take place in downtown Reno and downtown Carson City

Reno resident Mike Ball was reading a beer magazine last year and saw something in an advertisement he’d never seen.  In the photo, multiple people were pedaling a party bike the size of a boat and enjoying some drinks.  Ball hopes to generate the same type of curiosity he had by bringing it to Reno.

“I had been kicking around the idea for a few months,” Ball said. “It finally came to fruition.”

Cycle Pub, an 18-foot-long vehicle powered by the pedals of up to 14 patrons, debuted in Reno last month, giving people a social and entertaining way of hitting downtown bars. Businesses also use it for team building.  Cycle Pub provides a driver for the vehicle and helmets. A two-hour ride, where speeds reach 5 to 7 mph, costs $300. The route strolls through downtown near bars and restaurants on Arlington Avenue and other side streets.

“This year, Cycle Pub is exploding in Oregon,” said Ball, who worked with the company in Bend, Ore., to bring the idea here. “All it is built on is people getting together and having a good time.”

The original idea was to provide a cooler on the Cycle Pub and let patrons bring their own alcohol and snacks. But Ball said the Reno City Council wouldn’t allow alcohol because it violates open container laws.  Carson City does allow alcohol on board, and Ball also does tours there.

“We’re not trying to add debauchery to the streets,” said Ball, who said the latest his tours stay out is 10 p.m. “It’s a classy deal where you go around town and share the city with the people.”

Ball said the Cycle Pub will be available during wine walks and other social gatherings downtown. He has just one vehicle, which costs $45,000, so reservations are a must.  While 14 is the max capacity, 10 people do the pedaling, which Ball said isn’t very difficult because downtown Reno is relatively flat.And just because Cycle Pub is associated with alcohol, doesn’t mean that is its sole purpose, Ball said. Reservations for anniversaries, business use and other recreational activity are growing.

If you wonder why bicycling is booming in towns like New York, here's why!

New York City parking spot goes for $1 million

In many parts of the country, a million bucks will buy you a mansion. In New York City, you can get a 12-foot by 23-foot slab of concrete. Yes, Manhattan's first $1 million parking space is scheduled to go on the market this fall.

This seven-figure private garage is in an eight-story, prewar loft building in the city's Greenwich Village neighborhood. It previously had been converted into a parking garage and is now being turned into half a dozen new luxury condominiums, according to the New York Post.

The parking space, dubbed "the city’s gaudiest garage" by the Post, will have a separate deed and sales contract. Based on an average 6 percent commission, this means a real estate agent could earn $60,000 — roughly $10,000 more than the average annual income in the U.S. — for selling this parking spot.
The largest unit in the building will be an 8,000-square-foot penthouse with a 3,000-square-foot terrace that will be listed for just under $39 million, the newspaper reported. Only buyers of that penthouse or another 8,000-square-foot unit in the building will have the chance to buy the parking space. In addition to the seven-figure price tag, the owner will be charged maintenance fees on the parking spot.

So what does the owner get for a million bucks plus maintenance fees? Direct street access thanks to a curb cut in front of the garage door, along with 15-foot ceilings. The ceilings are high enough that the spot can be "duplexed;" that is, an elevator can be added so the owner can stack two cars in the space.
This two-for-one capability might make $1 million seem like a little bit more of a bargain, but the owner would still have to get a $115 parking ticket every single day for 24 years straight to equal the cost of the spot, the Post calculated.

Local bicycle news.

Taken from
Tahoe Bicyclists Turn Out In Force For Record

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (AP) -- Nearly 1,200 bicyclists pedaled in single file on Lake Tahoe's south shore in an effort to set an offbeat world record. Organizers say they'll try to seek recognition for Thursday's feat in South Lake Tahoe from the Guinness Book of World Records. According to the book, the record for the longest single line of bicycles was set in October 2010, when 916 bicyclists rode through Davis.

At Tahoe, the line of 1,188 bicyclists stretched along U.S. 50 between El Dorado Beach and the Stateline casino area. Many participants wore colorful costumes, dressing up as fruit, wild animals, heavy metal stars and super heroes. Some also rode unicycles and tricycles. City Councilman Tom Davis, who took part in the event, says he hoped the ride would become an annual tradition.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Sorry about the ad you have to watch with this's still worth it!

National Bike to Work Day!!!!

Wifey and I had a nice ride in today and managed to observe two of the best reasons to ride.  The first was we rode over I-80 we saw traffic was pretty backed up.  We made it about half way across the bridge when we heard the screech and boom, boom, boom, boom.  Directly under the bridge at least 5 cars and maybe a big rig had the chain reaction fender bender!  We circled back to observe the carnage.

I'll bet these guys wish they rode their bikes to work now.   The mess continued back under the bridge so actually, there were probably about 10 people who might have this sentiment (or perhaps more since traffic will be snarled for an hour). 

We continued on our way and experienced the other best reason to ride today.....Pancakes (compliments of the Reno Bike Project)!

The pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fruit were all very tasty.  Hub coffee washed it all down and off we went (slightly late) to work.  Now that's how you start a Friday!  Hope your day is off to as good a start.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

National Bike to work day!!!

This is it folks....tomorrow is the official Bike to Work day!  I'm giving you all evening to get that bike ready.  Tomorrow it's free coffee, pancakes, goodies at Reno Bike Project.  So just do it for the free meal!  If this isn't in your area check out free coffee at these locations:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I won't be doing this weekend.

Center Street....Reno Fire Department Parking lot!

Ok, I posted on this last year.  Basically, the problem is if you park (illegally) on a roadside, directly in front of a cross walk....people trying to use the cross walk appear to jump out in front of moving traffic when they cross.

This is a pedestrian (and cyclist, since it's on the river path) safety issue.  This is what RPD and RFD should be helping out with.  Instead they are part of the problem.  When I mentioned it last year they at least parked 20 ft back from the cross walk (for about a week).  Now they're back to their old tricks.

Today there were 5 vehicles (all RFD) parked in these types of zones.  The initial response I got from the city was they couldn't use the parking garage (less than 50 ft away) because they might be needed for emergency response.  Since they park this way every day and are now up to 5+ vehicles I'm calling BS....not all of them are needed for emergency response.  And besides....these idiots are creating a public safety hazard.

Ok, thanks for letting me vent.  Now to call the stupid city again and see if I can actually make them realize the problem.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Get to know the Tahoe Pyramid Bike Path!

From the RGJ:

River restoration project creates new pathways

Nearly two-thirds of bikeway completed

6:12 AM, May. 15, 2012  
Janet Phillips, founder of the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway, explores the latest 9-mile section of the trail between Mustang and USA Parkway Monday. This part of the trail showcases three Truckee River restoration projects done in the past decade by the Nature Conservancy. Photo by Tim Dunn/RGJ
Janet Phillips, founder of the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway, explores the latest 9-mile section of the trail between Mustang and USA Parkway Monday. This part of the trail showcases three Truckee River restoration projects done in the past decade by the Nature Conservancy. Photo by Tim Dunn/RGJ / Tim Dunn/RGJ/Tim Dunn
Explorer John C. Fremont originally named the Truckee River the Salmon Trout River in 1844 because of its exceptionally tasty resident.  The trout, and the vegetation that blossomed from the river, have seen their share of detrimental effects from urbanization, but local groups are looking to change that and build it as a place for people to enjoy its serenity.

The Nature Conservancy completed a decade long $6.5 million beautification effort May 6 on the river east of Sparks traveling through McCarran Ranch and Mustang Ranch.  “The lower river has not had public access for people to enjoy for many decades,” Nature Conservancy spokesman Michael Cameron said. “The land, up until recently, has all been privately owned.”  The nine-mile stretch, with its new public affiliation, has given Janet Phillips a leg up in her vision of a 116-mile bike path that follows the river.  That leg up comes seven years to the month after the project completed its first achievement with the completion of the Mogul-Verdi bike path.

The Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway will celebrate the seventh anniversary of that path Sunday. Nearly two-thirds of the path along the river has been completed since the project started in 2003, Phillips said.  “I was stunned how beautiful it is,” Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway treasurer Terry McAfee said of the new portion of the trail east of Sparks. “The river has been used over the years as a place to put the railroad, a sewage dump; some of it is pretty rough, but out there it is just stunningly beautiful and a fairly nice bike ride.”


Conservation efforts


The problem with this portion of the river started in the 1960s with flood-control projects that straightened the river and increased the stream’s velocity, the Nature Conservancy says. However, the velocity of the stream eroded the river and pushed its bed about three feet lower, Cameron said.
“The idea was to get floodwaters out of Reno more quickly,” Cameron said. “The straightened channel resulted in the lowering of the groundwater table and native plants died and disappeared.”
Since 2003, the Nature Conservancy, with federal and state money, has worked on meandering projects to bring the river back to its pre-1960s path.

The conservancy also added native plants as part of the restoration effort. The plants include cottonwood trees, willows and buffalo berry shrubs. The McCarran Ranch Preserve now includes hiking, fishing, bird watching, canoeing and biking opportunities.

The Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway contributed a dirt path north of the river through the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, Phillips said.  The newly adopted trail connects three different Nature Conservancy efforts along the nine-mile stretch.  “It’s interesting because you can see McCarran Ranch is the most mature of these things, so the plants are grown up, and it looks very nice,” Phillips said.

Bicycling events

The Truckee Meadows’ biking interest doesn’t stop at the river. This week, 48 businesses signed up, with 619 people registered for the Bike to Work, School and Fun Week, according to Carol Perry of RTC. Some events include:
• A safety bike safety lecture is at 8:15 a.m. to noon Thursday at Katherine Dunn Elementary School, 1135 O’Callaghan Drive.
• A free pancake breakfast, from 6 to 10 a.m. Friday at the Reno Bike Project, 541 E. Fourth St.
• The Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway’s Mogul-Verdi path anniversary event is at 10 a.m. Sunday with a bike ride along the route. The ride begins at the east end of Idlewild Park.

Bike to work week, the saga continues!

Well, Monday afternoon was probably either the best or worst ride of your life, eh?  I'm not sure what the actual wind speeds were but I hope you had a downwind return commute.  I didn't have the pleasure, but I did cheat and catch a ride home with wifey.  I know, I know, it's not in the spirit of Bike to Work Week.  Technically, however, the title is bike to work (not to and from) so I'm in the clear!

Tuesday's commute (which will be round trip for me) started out great.  I hit a traffic jam on the river path!

It's even worse than it looks.  As these intrepid gals worked to crest the hill  ahead, they encountered a pedestrian with a dog (you can just make her out) and another oncoming cyclist.   It was like trying to navigate the spaghetti bowl at 8 am!

[begin sarcasm]
I immediately took offense that these people were using my road (I mean trail) and slowing my personal progress.  I aggressively rang my bell, flipped the bird, and shouted, "Learn how to drive...I mean ride!" as I passed in an unsafe manner. 
[end sarcasm]

Wait, wait....wrong form of transportation.  I actually slowed down and patiently waited as they hit the small hill.  As I passed, with a quick ring of the bell, I told them good morning.  They responded in kind with a smile.  I bet folks in the constricted lanes on I-80 weren't so friendly!

So if you haven't given it a try.  Grab the bike tomorrow.  Head out a little early.  Stop and get some free coffee from one of the participating venders and enjoy Bike to Work Week!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A bit of local bike trail news.

Taken from the RGJ - who took it from the Associated Press:

Note the daily rider total at the bottom and that local businesses are worried about bicycles with respect to their businesses!  Now if we can just get this to trickle down to Reno a bit!

Tahoe bike trail closed for repairs

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — One of Lake Tahoe’s most popular bicycle trails will be closed for up to a month because of maintenance and repair work.  The U.S. Forest Service will close portions of the 3.2-mile Pope-Baldwin Bike Path on Tahoe’s south shore beginning this week.  Crews will repair cracks, holes and bumps in the paved surface in an effort to improve safety and accessibility.  Some South Lake Tahoe business owners told the Tahoe Daily Tribune that they don’t think the trail should be closed at a time of the year when so many people want to get out and ride.  According to the Forest Service, the bike trail averages around 1,600 users per day.

Bike to work week is here!!!!

Just in case you forgot....

I did notice a slight uptick in the number of riders this morning, but we can do better.  Get the dusty bike out of the garage tonight!  Give it a once over, pump up the tires, and give it a try.  You might just find out it's like being a kid again!

Big city bicycle life.

I had the pleasure of passing through Salt Lake City last week on either side of some business in a much more remote location of Utah.  Although I didn't hang out for an extended time I notice all the signs of thriving bicycle culture.

Nice bicycle shaped art racks are located all around downtown.  Main St. has green painted bike lanes with clearly marked "Bicycles may use full lane" notation.  Riders were present in numbers that made me smile on nearly every main road.  Bike to work month banners flying everywhere the eye could see!

I was also impressed that Utah microbreweries have found an effective way to circumnavigate Utah's archaic alcohol laws.  Turns out if you get a beer on draft you're still getting 4 % ABV give or take.  If you buy it in a bottle (which they prompt you to do) you get the real deal.  I enjoyed great beers from Epic brewery, Red Rock brewery, and Squatters brewery (all in the bottle) and each one was a fairly big beer (averaging 8% ABV).  All and all, a good business trip!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bike to work week Pancake feed!

Stolen from the Reno Bike Project page:

RBP’s famous Pancake feed is coming up soon! Friday May 18th we’ll be serving up delicious pancakes, bacon, coffee and fruit all for FREE in support of Bike to Work Week! Check out the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance website at, register yourself or your business and come to the Pancake Feed at the shop. Starts at 6am Friday morning. Ride on!

Take it from me...I finally made it down last year.  The food is good and you'll meet some interesting people!  So get that bike dusted off and ready for Bike to Work Week!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Biking to School (via NPR)

The number of kids biking or walking to school has dropped from 48% in 1969 to 13% in 2009.  Here's a good look at the why and how we got here.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Your car commute really might be killing you!

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
Clogged commutes like this crawl on Interstate 880 in Oakland, Calif., are not only annoying, they also harm drivers' health, according to a new study.


Beep! Beep! That creeping commute is hurting your health

By Bill Briggs

Sure, speed kills. But new science suggests your sluggish slog from home to work (and back again) is slowly sucking the life out of you -- exit by excruciating exit.
Commuters who log 16 or more miles each way on their daily haul to the job tend to pack plumper paunches and post higher blood pressure when compared to those with shorter excursions, according to the first research exploring the intersection of travel distances and health impacts.
Clogged roads seem to clog arteries, in part, by eating into potential gym minutes. Among folks who drive 16-plus miles to earn a paycheck, the prevalence of obesity is almost 9 percent higher while the rate of fitness is nearly 9 percent lower versus those who journey six to 10 miles, according to a study published today in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. (Those numbers are not adjusted for age or gender).

If you want to finish the article head over to:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Toronto's Mayor is an A**hole.

I saw this over on this morning.  I have to repost just so you know these people are out there.  This is the type of misguided politician who makes me want to be an advocate for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.  Guy looks like he needs to be riding or walking to work a few days a week anyway!

He's actually aggressively spending money to remove existing bike lanes throughout Toronto.  Let's hope that at some point in life he is force out of his BMW and made to use the limited (and apparently shrinking) pedestrian infrastructure he so vehemently despises.

Food truck Friday....It's a hit!

I headed down the the "new" Food Truck Friday event.  It's currently held on the first Friday of each month at the old bus station on 4th St.  This is the second time it's been held and all I can say is I think they need to start doing it more often.  The crow was huge (again) and lines were 30+ minutes long. 

I was happy to wait since I had friends to chat with, but if it's this crowded perhaps holding the even a bit more often would mellow things out a little.  Either that or Reno needs more food trucks for the current demand (and that's a good thing)! 

On the bicycle side....there is bike parking (racks) left over from the bus station days, but they are "inside" the venue and it's hard to get to through the packed crowds.  Most riders (I counted about 20 bikes!) choose to lock up to benches that were outside the "cordoned off" area for the even.  Seems silly when there are racks available.  Since it's packed you'd think we'd use the entire area with benches for people to sit on and use the bike racks for bikes!

So all and all this event is a blast.  There are good venders (food, beer, and arts and crafts) and people are definitely showing up.  So mark your calendar for next month.  The weather will be even better and it's the new cool thing to do in Reno on Friday night!

Friday, May 4, 2012


In case you want to be as cool as people in Portlandia.....Food Truck Friday is here!  Also, Great Basin Brewery will be pouring beer and I hear your free to wander around with it!  See you there.

4th St. Reno News and Review Cover Story Ride.

Ok, I was able to join the 4th ride on Wednesday.  It was a chance to head down the latest lanes that are looking at a reconfiguration.  Meaning you might not have to be in a large steel box on wheels to use them (e.g. Pedestrians and cyclists).  It was an interesting ride with some notable people.  The RNR writer and photographer were led by Reno Bike Project staff and leadership, Andrew from the company (?) doing the corridor study,  city councilman Dave Aiazzi(!), and the rest of us for a total of 13 riders.  Not bad for a blustery Wednesday afternoon.

We made several stops along 4th St. for bikey round table discussions on how the new lane configurations would work and how we though people would react (both cyclists and drivers).  I think we passed along some really good info to the RNR reporter and I'm excited to see the article when it comes out.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Short notice to be "famous" by bicycle!

5.4 miles round trip might make you RNR famous!

Ok, here's your chance to make the RNR (Reno News and Review) as a bicycle rock star.  We're talking potential for a cover shot here!  The RNR and Reno Bike Project will be touring the 4th Street corridor starting from the Gold 'n Silver Restaurant (4th and Vine) at 3pm.  They will ride 4th Street out to Galletti Way before doing a U-turn and returning to downtown Reno.  All cyclists and families are welcome. 

Here's the official write up from Scott Hall (of Reno Bike Project and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee).


We are having a bike ride and photo shoot down 4th Street with the Reno News and Review for a cover article tomorrow, Wednesday May 2nd. I will be riding with my son Shoki, but I would really appreciate it if anyone else could come and be photogenic on their bicycles. I think it is very important to have more women demonstrating the cycling experience along 4th Street, and talking about their personal opinions for riding on 4th Street.
Right now the RTC proposal does not include bicycle lanes or cycle tracks through downtown Reno next to the casinos, bus station or Reno Aces baseball field. The RNR article will discuss the barriers for commuters, families and tourists who want to get around Reno by bike.

We will start out from the Gold 'n Silver Restaurant at 4th & Vine about 3pm, and make it down to Galletti before turning back. If you or anyone you know can ride with us on short notice, I would really appreciate it. Please give me a call on my cellphone, 232-0129, if you can make it.


Scott Hall