Thursday, August 23, 2018

Cyclist Killed in Battle Mountain by Hit and Run.

From Kolo 8 TV:

It still floors me that any human can do this to another person.  Hit someone with your car....know you did it (drunk or not) and leave someone dying on the side of the road rather than offer to help.  There should be a special place in hell for this type of behavior.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Midtown Bike Planning - Two way cycletrack on Center St.

Well if you missed the missed a great example of bicycle activism!  We had a packed house for the RTC presentation of  Center Street / Sierra Street bike lane options and had an immense amount of positive comments during the public comment period.

Impressively, we also had three city council members in attendance (and support) of moving the project forward with construction by 2020.  While we can always count on David Bobzien and most often have Oscar Delgado in our corner, I was pleasantly surprised to see Neoma Jardon present and pulling for the project.  She sits on the RTC board as the city counsel representative and has often offered some push back on previous bicycle oriented projects.  Perhaps her time on the RTC board has shifted her opinions or she sees some unique value in having an option for bicycle connectivity to midtown from UNR (since the Virginia St. reboot will not add bike lanes).  Either way we want to welcome her to our side and show her it's worth the political capital!

Given the good nature of the meeting, a large group of old and new bicycle advocates ended the night with a bike ride down Virginia St. (taking the lane the entire way) to Cheney Ave. and a visit to Pinion for a celebratory adult beverage and further bikey discussions!  Next time we hope you'll be there to join us!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Every Building has Secure Bike Parking!

On the rare day when I'm working out of my company's Reno office, I will take myself out for lunch at a quality establishment like Taco Bell (don't judge me....I like Mexican pizzas).  However, here in the South Meadows area, bike parking is not even an after thought.  Meaning there literally isn't a bike rack for miles! 

In light of this (and years of biking in regions of limited infrastructure), I've found every building has at least one SUPER secure bike parking location.....the gas meter!  Yep, a bike thief might be able to cut the piping my lock is attached to....but if he does, everyone in a two block radius will know he stole my bike!

So never fret!  Secure bike parking is always available wherever you go!