Friday, May 30, 2014

What will you do tonight.....

I think I know where I'm headed!


Reno Tahoe Odyssey takes off.

Well on the ride in today the whitewater park was crawling with runners and support I'm guessing the Odyssey must be kicking off this morning.  Here's a few pics.

Sorry, this one was a camera quick draw while riding with no hands...just wanted to capture the outfits!

Support vehicles at the ready.

Gathering for the start.

Starting gate.
I've never done the Odyssey for the record.  I run quite a bit thanks to wifey, and even do organized 1/2 marathons.  The entry fee for the Odyssey is just a bit steep for my tastes.  Not to mention the cost of renting a support vehicle that can carry 12 people.  However, it is for a good cause so I'm glad it fills up. 

So if you want to see a little chaos this morning head down to the whitewater park and watch the start.  The runners will be organized....but the support vehicles trying to get out of downtown is always a bit crazy!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

So just how do we pay for our roads?

Well, here's a little write up on it from Elle Blue from the local bike to work week literature (which I just found).  You might just be surprised on how few roads the gas tax covers!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crazy things to put on a bike.....but awesome!

Ok, obviously this is not an original idea because there's a picture of it right below....however, it doesn't make it any less awesome.  If you grew up in the mid-west and had a father who was a hunter / fisher type guy, you probably owned a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.  Yep, if you've seen the cult classic movie A Christmas Story, it's the same BB gun that Ralphy wanted ("You'll shoot your eye out").  How does this relate to bicycles?

Just take a look along his front fork....a bicycle mounted gun scabbard with a BB gun.  While technically it's not the Red Ryder (it's an even smaller version) I think you see the point.  And not that I'm recommending this....but here's this guy in action with it!

Also for the record I don't know this guy.  I found an article with these pics over at  This was a fairly epic ride that some of those guys did out in the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge.  You can read the full story over there!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 will mess with you.

Bend Trip Report.

What can you say about Bend....well, I'd go with:  If you like good friends, bicycles, running, and beer, you're probably gonna have a good time!  And if a simple statement isn't enough, here is a picture or two for each of those topics.

Phil's Trail Network trail head.

Rolling out on Ben's Trail.

Evidence it's not wise to take pictures while riding single track.

Words to live by!

The trail system is so large it has roundabouts for bikes and central's Bend's infamous flaming chicken (the trail version)

20 miles of riding wasn't enough for the on Sunday it was off to the Happy Girl 1/2 marathon....the start....

......and the finish!
Once riding and running were was time for beer.  And if you're in Bend you must stop by Deschutes during your beer escapades!

Eventually we moved on for alternate beers serving locations..... In this case a bike shop that serves beer and decked out custom bikepacking rides!
 So there's a few pics from the trip.  If you enjoy bikes, running, beer, and fun, you might just want to take a trip in the near future!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Keystone Complete Street Meeting (Updated w/ KTVN report).

Well, last night was another Keystone Ave. meeting about the potential design options.  They cover a distance all the way from Keystone and California to north to Coleman.  Since this project has actually received a bit of push back from somewhere, the meetings are very well attended by both sides and by the local politicals. 

I saw both the Aizzi's and Naoma Jardon our current council member....and I'm sure there were a few other Mayoral candidates.  The honest truth is there are so many of them I probably wouldn't recognize some of them if they did say hello!  Anyway, it definitely shows that complete streets aren't a done deal in this political climate.

It was also busy enough that I wasn't able to get clear shots of the options presented on all the boards.  In short the Booth St. and California intersection had about 5 different options ranging from leave it alone, to various traffic circle options with bike and ped improvements, and bridge reconstructions with bike and ped improvements.  I'd guess most people opted for one of the traffic circle options based on the folks I talked with.

There was also discussion on using Vine St. (a residential side street to Keystone) as a way to get bicycles through to downtown.  It was popular with folks at the meeting, but it also represents a lack of will to not just take the easy way out in my opinion.  Keystone is the arterial with access to all the businesses....there should be a place here for people, bikes, and cars.....not just cars.  This is a prime example of a choice to only pick the lowest hanging fruit.  I think we are ready to move past this view and Keystone is the opportunity at hand.  So come on folks, let's do this one right!

The other design options presented were in my home turf, the northern portion of Keystone (North of I-80).  The design options presented were drop a lane and add a center turn lane and bike lanes, or a "combo" option were the first design is only instituted north of Kings Row, and South to the freeway we have "shared" lanes with marked sharrows (lane markings that warn drivers that bicycles are present and may take the entire lane).  There's no contest here for the correct decision.  We need a complete street, not a combo option.  You only have to look at W7th right next door (same traffic volumes and only 1 lane with bike lanes in each direction) to see it works just fine without causing traffic issues.  Come on folks, we need this one!

So that's the write up....sorry not to give maps to show this stuff but I'm time limited right now.

Finally, it was a beautiful evening to ride to the event and as usual we had a good crew of cyclist on hand.  Here's a bit of evidence!

Full bike racks make me happy!
Update:  Here's ktvn's report on the meeting.

KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video -

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rainy days lead to clear skies and clean air.

Well, it's been a rainy couple of days, especially for Reno.  The up side is that it really cleans all the particulates and pollen out of air.  So even it you did hunker down and not ride over the last few days it's time to get back out there.  The puddles are almost gone and you'll be amazed at how clear and clean the air can be after a good rain storm!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Already planning for the long, tedious weekend.

What can I's Tuesday morning and I'm starting to mentally dread the weekend.  Some weeks are like that, especially when work is the only thing you want to do.  For me the long weekend plan is to point the car towards Bend, Oregon.  I know, I know, why would anyone go to Bend? 

It's going to be just terrible....first off, wifey is "making" me go because there is a "Happy Girl" half marathon she wants to do.  Horrible to have to spectate at an event with 1500 (?) fit girls running around in spandex shorts and tank tops, but I'm sure I'll manage. 

If just this wasn't enough, I have this friend....the preacher, who lives there.  He'll probably want to drag me out to ride bicycles....maybe even mountain bikes, instead of hanging out at his really nice house where I'll be forced to stay (rather than a hotel).  To top it off they have this trail system called "Phil's trail" (map below) that he'll probably force me to ride.  What's even worse, he'll probably make me ride this lame trail (movie below) that is an easy climb followed by pine needle covered, flowing, single track, with perfectly sculpted jumps along it's entire length!  If you didn't know I hate trails that aren't one rock garden after another!  I mean if I'm not loosening a filling or two while riding it's just not worth it!

AllRide Edit of Whoops Trail in Bend, Or from Kirt Voreis on Vimeo.

After all this, I'll probably be forced to drink beer at one of the many craft breweries that are as common in Bend as casinos are in Reno.  They probably won't even serve warm Budweiser!  So, as you can see, it's pretty much going to be one trial or tribulation after another for 3 days straight.  I'm sure you can understand why I might already be dwelling on it!

So...what will you do with your long weekend?  Are you already planning?  If not you should get started or you'll wind up like me, headed somewhere you don't want to be, with people you just tolerate, doing things that set your teeth on edge.

.....and yeah, sarcasm!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

This was how I "capped" off bike to work week!

For those of you who don't recognize it, this is down at the Reno Home Brewer (on Dickerson).  And for the record, I battled a nice 30 mph headwind for 6 miles to claim my end of week reward.  I hope your bike to work week wrapped up on just as positive a note!

Friday, May 16, 2014

National Bike to Work Day.....or Day 5!

Ok, this is it....the day that everyone biked to work, right!?  Well, ok so at least some of you probably did and hopefully the same thing can be said around the country.  Who knows, maybe we hit double digits on mode share today (10% of people road to work)? 

Anyway, there were definitely more people out and about today on bikes and the evidence was present on my 4th St. commute.  Although it could be that they just wanted pancakes and bacon, which was being served up at the Reno Bike Project!

Just a couple bikes here and there.  Actually the racks were packed to overflowing!

Barely a seat left!

Celebrities were out and's the Cuter Commuter (of local blogging fame) showing you don't have to don spandex to ride.  (She's in the pink sweater if it wasn't obvious).

And the Cuter Commuter's ride....also well dressed.

And just to show you the city of Sparks cares about bike to work day....I road in the cleanest bike lane you can get to wrap up this weeks commute to work.  I definitely gave him a big thumbs up when I passed him.  

You can't find a cleaner bike lane than this! 
So I hope everyone got out for a ride this week.  And remember....Reno is a great place to ride every day, so keep those tires rolling as summer gets here!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pancake Feed is Tomorrow!!!

One of the standouts of Bike to Work Week....the pancake feed at the Reno Bike Project is tomorrow starting at 6am.  Don't miss out!

Bike to Work Week....Day 4.

I'd love to tell you I have some great, exciting material for day 4.  The truth is that I rode my bike to work. 

It wasn't particularly exciting (probably just because it's not new)....but it was fun.  I was consciously aware that I smiled several times.  I know for a fact that I was singing in my head (which is definitely where my singing should stay...and wifey would confirm this).  It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny morning with near perfect temperatures. 

So actually, I guess that is pretty great.  I bet my commute was better than the 99 % of people who hopped in their car this morning!

Other than those thoughts I don't have much today.  I found a few closed roads to make my private bike lane, and a few more patches of gravel and dirt to add to my ride!  So those are the pictures you get for today.

Closed road = Private bike lane.

Only 10 ft off the bike path and you've got yourself a nice little dirt alternative.

Another dirt diversion....and a riverside view.

More dirt.

Again...most of this is only a few feet from the river path, but it makes the ride just a little new and different.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bike to Work Week...Day 3.

One of the cool things about biking to get to eat more and you don't gain weight!  Sometimes the food just makes you think even more about bicycling.

So, don't forget that the biking to work is just the beginning.  From work you can take a pass through midtown, downtown, or out to your neck of the woods and find some great food by bike.  And since you won't have to hunt for parking, you might just find out it's a better way to head out the door for lunch or dinner.  Let the dinning by bike revolution begin!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bike to Work Week...Day 2.

I'm trying to do something at least a tiny bit different on my ride to work this week so that it's "special" for bike to work week.  This might seem ridiculous, but as many people who ride a route to work day in and day out's not usually special.  It's just the commute to work (just like it is to most drivers).  So for me today, it was varying my route by just a little bit here and there.  That meant hitting a little tiny slice of gravel I don't usually ride. will you mix up the commute this week?  Will it be taking a new route, adding a section of trail, getting on the bike vs. driving the car, riding to the chiropractor?  Any way you mix it up, it's bike to work week and it's definitely better than another boring highway commute!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Day One of Bike to Work Week!

If you can't see something like this in your office this are slacking!  I'm sorry, but it's true.  This is the one week that everyone bikes.  Yep,'re the only one.  Why can't you just play well with others!?  This will be your one warning.  Tomorrow you WILL bicycle!

And for you Preacher....time to take a ride around the block before you edit anything. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Bike to work week is next week!

Reno doesn't exactly make the top ten list on percentage of increased cycling....but we are a bike friendly community!  With all the increases in bicycle infrastructure that have added, our sunny weather, and relatively flat valley floor, there's no reason we couldn't be right there in the future.  So what do you say Reno, how about dusting off that bike and helping use get on the map!

Learn your ABC's the right way!

So the real question is can you do it....can you get pick the word they're aiming for??

Thursday, May 8, 2014

More people are biking every day!

Just saw this over at KTVN.....

So the only question is what's the driving force?  Cost of fuel, better bike infrastructure, people trying to stay in shape?  Who knows for sure, but the result is more bikes on the road!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How low can you go?

And yes, it's been verified that it's real and not some type of photoshop trickery.....

.....and it's totally awesome!

Another bicycle commute.

Nothing special today.  Just another bicycle commute.  I decided on the river path this morning for no particular reason.

Yes, that's my try riding no handed and working a camera phone with gloves on!
So what are you waiting for???  Bike to work week officially starts on May 10, so get out there this week and get that dusty bicycle dialed in!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Why you should really take a trip to Portland....besides just bicycles and beer!

Biking to beer judging....

Well, this isn't too bikey, but I have found that more people read these when the word beer is in the title.  This weekend was judging for the Great Basin Brew Off.  A homebrew competition that draws entry's from all over the country.  So being a glutton for punishment, I signed up for the Friday night and Saturday Morning judging sessions (and got suckered into the the Saturday afternoon session as well).  Sounds like torture, huh?!

Well, it's not quite as glamorous as you'd think.  Basically, you can't just have a love of do need to be a trained beer judge.  And in reality you end up writing A LOT and actually trying to minimize how much you drink.  To put this in perspective....there were over 200 entries and probably a total pool of judges numbering about 30.  So, to get through the 7-8 beers per session and stay objective (and sober) is it's own task.

Anyway, the biking part is simply that I did ride down and back for each session.....  Other than that here's some (fuzzy) pictures of the event.

Technically, he's drinking what we call a calibration beer!

Getting organized!  These guys are stewards who bring out the beer by category.

Hard at work judging the brown ales Friday night.

Mid session break....

A batch of Icky was fermenting away....

A mini best of show formal scores here.  Just pick the best beer!