Wednesday, November 30, 2011

State Bicycle Plan Survey.....fill it out!!!

Below is a total copy and paste from Bike Carson and Muscle Powered that was written by Jeff Moser.  I'm reposting with the hope that a few more people will stumble across it here.  I realize this is totally ironic since Jeff is probably one of 5 people who even knows this blog exists!  But hey, here's to hoping!  Just to reiterate....  All credit for the write up goes to Jeff at Bike Carson.

Statewide Bicycle Plan Survey

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The Nevada Department of Transportation is developing a Statewide Bicycle Plan for the state highway system in Nevada. The project is focusing on policies, programs, legislation and infrastructure that increase safe bicycling in rural communities in Nevada. The intent of this survey is to learn more about people’s preferences for bicycling in Nevada. Your input is critical to the success of this plan. The following survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and they are accepting responses until Tuesday December 6th.

NDOT Bicycle Plan Survey

The link to the online survey is here:

Here is the  PDF Version of the Flyer if you’d like to share it.
Don’t forget to complete the survey by Tuesday, December 6th, 2011!

Food truck lot in Reno....What do you think?

I've got a trip to Portland coming up this weekend.  One of the things I'm sure to do is catch lunch at the food carts.  If you're not familiar with this you are missing out.  Basically, the bulk of a city block that used to be a vacant lot is now permanently packed with food trucks (or carts in some cases).  So you can get a gyro while your friend gets Thai or Ethiopian food at the cart to the right or left!  The choices are just about endless and the food is fantastic (it really is).

We're not totally missing the boat here in Reno.  We've seen expansion beyond just the average taco trucks with guys like Gourmelt, Kenji's, Cheeseburger Island Style, and others.  What we don't have it the awesome centralized location like they have in Portland.  So what do you think...

There are a few vacant lots around Reno and Sparks.  Somebody needs to get on this and get the Reno food cart movement kicked into gear!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bicycle Haiku.

Taken from

New York goes poetic to promote street safety

New York City Department of Transportation

Half of the 200 signs will be hung in pairs, with the image and haiku text together. Others will carry QR codes revealing the haiku.

“Too averse to risk / To chance the lottery, yet / Steps into traffic."
That's a reminder to pedestrians in New York City to follow traffic rules when crossing the street.
The city is waxing poetic to boost traffic safety.

Colorful 8-inch-square signs featuring safety messages in haiku are being installed at high-crash locations near cultural institutions and schools, including the Bronx's Grand Concourse, MoMA, downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced the new safety campaign, called Curbside Haiku, on Tuesday.

Read the original story at

Paid for using a state grant from DWI funds, the series includes 12 designs with accompanying haikus that each deliver a targeted safety message by focusing on one transportation mode.
For example, a sign featuring the silhouette of "Walking Man" is paired with the haiku “Too averse to risk / To chance the lottery, yet / Steps into traffic."
See all the designs (.pdf)

Half of the signs will be hung in pairs, with the image and haiku text appearing. The remaining set feature an image with a QR code to allow New Yorkers to access the safety message via smartphone.
Artist John Morse wrote the haikus and designed the accompanying signs. More than 200 will be installed.

Driving is so much easier!

This has been around since the BP oil spill, but it's good to post it every once in a while just in case we begin to forget.

Created by Mark Fiore.  See more at

Roadside Memorials.

I just noticed yesterday that the roadside memorial at 4th and Washington has been spruced up.  In fact, if you didn't know better you'd think someone was decorating for the holidays.  I won't forget this one anytime soon since I happened past the scene of the accident about 2 minutes after it happened.  In this case it was motorcycle vs. taxi.  Any other analysis aside.....the guy on the motorcycle lost.

I know some people think this type of memorial is tragic, sad, disturbing, or even an eyesore.  To me it's a reminder that a real person died here.  It was probably preventable if either (or both) parties had just taken a bit more time to make sure the intersection was clear.

I don't have a great transition here.....I guess I could talk about a number of cyclist I follow on this route each morning who blow through stop signs and the danger they put themselves in.  It could be a segway into how the driver they tick off might take it out on some innocent cyclist later on who does stop for stop signs, and how messed up this is.

What it really reminds me of, with the holiday season upon us, is that perhaps we should give the gifts of courtesy, patients, and kindness on our daily commutes.  Doesn't matter if your in a car, on a bike, or walking.  It sure would make one part of everyone's day a little better!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dogs and bikes.

My pup is past these days due to some very expensive knee surgery, but this is still an awesome video!

Lily Shreds trailside. on

Holiday Ramblings...

The long holiday weekend was exactly what I needed.  I'll try to keep it brief, but here's what happened in the shortest form possible.  To start the weekend off right (e.g. preparing for eating tons of turkey and other goodies), the bicycles were loaded with appetizers, wine, and fresh baked bread.  We proceeded to attempt to burn some calories before sitting down to our first Thanksgiving dinner with a good friend from our grad. school days and her family.

 It's amazing how quiet the roads are around noon on Thanksgiving day.  I don't think we saw more than 4 cars on our 4 1/2 mile ride.  If that isn't enough to get you should smell the amazing aromas you catch on every street as you ride by houses where turkeys, and hams, and other goodies are all cooking.  It really is amazing (and you don't experience this in a car).

After some good conversation, massive amounts of food, and a quick ride back home....we did pack up the car for the drive to Thanksgiving number two.  Riding was an option but time pushed us to make the trip in the car.....wifey likes to be punctual!  More turkey was sacrificed that evening and many additional good times were had!

The next day it was time to pay for our sins in the form of an extended version of our weekly trail run.  By extended I was thinking 6 miles or so....turns out extended is 10 miles or so.  Ahhh well, more room for turkey leftovers.

The sleeve belongs to our leisure suit preacher and beer maker extraordinaire.

Needless to say that the remainder of this day was spend between the hot tub, couch, and eventually the kitchen.  Yep, kitchen....after two turkeys at other folks homes, we decided we needed one of our own for leftovers.  So the afternoon was spent prepping all the items we still were craving!

The day after the marathon run and marathon cooking session.  Someone in the group decided we needed to clean up our act....literally.  So Sunday afternoon we loaded up the bikes again (seven layer dip and sour beers....yes) and headed out for a soap making adventure at the a friends house.

Since the friend is the leisure suit preacher and his wife, six home brewed beers were available on tap (in addition to what we contributed) while we played with caustic chemicals and made soap!  Other than the steps with lye it's really not too bad (in terms of hazard)!

Seven layer dip is a bit awkward to carry even with an Xtracycle.

Preparing the lye.  Note the gloves and goggles!

Melt down all the oils and scents.

Add the lye mixture and stir....for an hour!
Pour into your mold and add color.

Remember to enjoy yourself while working!

So, by the time we finished up dusk had descended and we had a nice ride home.  Well, it would have been nicer if I'd remembered to put wifey's front light back on her bike after charging.  Caught a little flack for that...but we did have my dyno hub light so we managed to get home without incident.  I'd love to say we crashed on the couch at this point....but we ended up doing some clean up in the almost completed brewery building out back before crashing straight into bed!

So that's the long and short of my holiday weekend.  Hope yours was as enjoyable!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How safe are your neighborhood steets?

The Guardian (UK) just posted a map that sends a chill down my spine.  It shows the 369,629 people who died on America's roads between 2001 and 2009. I think about things like this every time I opt to take Mill St. to work rather than the river path.  I know it only takes one driver on a cell phone or hunting for a radio station to drift into the bike lane and add me to this map.  I guess it's why we have a new law that tries to protect "vulnerable road users".  

It does raise the question of why I ride Mill St. occasionally.  It might be silly...but I think the drivers improve around cyclists when they see them more regularly.  I also believe it helps them appreciate some of the local road diets if they see an uptick in cyclists using the lanes.  I'm not sure if I could prove either case based on my lone self riding through the winter, but I can hope.  On a lighter note....happy thanksgiving!

Now that's how you light a Xmas tree!

From the RGJ:

Andrew Highison of Envirolution keeps pedaling to provide power for a their holiday tree decorated with recycled materials at the Outlet at Legends on Tuesday in Sparks. Envirolution was among many area nonprofits and businesses decorating the trees to raise help money for charity. They will be on display until Dec. 5. / David B. Parker/RGJ

Click the caption for a link to the whole article.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The machines are fixie!

I found this over at Reno-Rambler this morning.  I guess it just proves that fixies are taking over the world (or robots...not sure)!

Rink on the river coming soon and Christmas right about the corner.

Update: Tree lighting is tonight at 5pm followed by the opening of the rink...skating til 9pm.  If you donate clothing items to the Salvation Army your skate rentals are free!

The downtown plaza is making some changes.  The rink on the river is busy with workers and I bet it opens as soon as the temperatures drop a little.  I have to admit, I've only ever gawked at it as I rode by in the past.  This year I'm am actually going to go.  Note....I haven't ice skated in 10 years.  I will bring the camera because there will probably be carnage!

Oh, yeah.  If you're already bored with Thanksgiving (even though we haven't had it yet)....  The City of Reno has you covered!  The city Christmas tree is up and even partially decorated.  Let's see if they let us eat turkey before they light it up!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Silver Peak rack improvements.

Got out to lunch at Silver Peak (the original)...or as we call it "Old Peak".  It seems they've updated the rack since I last remember.  A nice touch.  I wish it held a few more bikes but I'll take it!

Right out front in the parking lot.  Probably holds 4 bikes. Easy to check on from the deck or front window.  I beam construction isn't going anywhere.  Bonus points for art rack. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Couple more bike rack locations.

 Just a quick post on a couple more racks and their locations.

JJ's Pie Co.  note the rack back by the green dumpster.

Located at the back of the parking lot, relatively hidden from view and in a narrow space between where cars back out of parking spots.  Also backs up to a rather sketchy looking lot.  While the rack might hold 6-9 is unsecured....just sitting there...and your likely to have cars bonking your nice ride.  Overall, it's a pretty poor setup.

City of Reno rack on 1St. and West St.  Ease of use is good. Between the two rack you can probably hold 10 plus bikes.  Good construction and bolted down for security. Moderate points on the art rack.  Serves Java Jungle, the movie theater, and downtown in general.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Pedestrian and Bicycle improvements pushed a huge cost.

From the RGJ:

Days following death of Reno sportscaster, City Council approves safety upgrades to N. Virginia Street

9:27 pm, Nov 16, 2011 | Written by bduggan

While it had been in the planning stages for more than a year and on today’s agenda since last week, the Reno City Council approved a number of pedestrian and bike lane upgrades to N. Sierra and N. Virginia streets on Wednesday, which is the area KTVN sportscaster JK Metzker was killed Saturday while crossing N. Virginia Street following the Nevada-Hawaii football game.

Before the changes were unanimously approved, Mayor Bob Cashell, with his voice cracking, asked for a moment of silence for Metzker. KTVN weatherman Mike Alger also testified before the City Council, urging them to approve the upgrades in light of Metzker’s death.

“While we know things now cannot bring JK back we can help other families and workplaces from having to go through the loss of someone who was simply trying to cross the street,” Alger said.

The plan now is to begin work on the $600,000 project around the University of Nevada, Reno, including installing flashing lights and a crosswalk near the area Metzker was struck by a car on N. Virginia and 17th Streets. The entire project could take about a year to complete, though engineers said the flashing lights for crosswalks could be installed within six weeks.

Other changes include making Sierra Street one lane between 9th Street to just before the N. Virginia Street intersection, potentially reducing the speed limit on Sierra Street and adding flashing crosswalk lights at Sierra and 11th Streets and Sierra Street and Putnam Drive.

N. Sierra Street carries up to 8,600 vehicles a day and N. Virginia Street carries up to 12,000 each day, said Katy Cole, an engineer with Fehr and Peers, the engineering firm working on the project.

The car that hit Metzker left the scene after the incident. The alleged driver, Ryan Rhea, 23, was charged on Sunday with one felony count of hit-and-run causing the death. He was released from Washoe County jail on $10,000 bail.

Best of both worlds?

For those of you who don't know.  I'm a big fan of the Xtracycle or long tail bike.  It basically adds about 18 inches to the length of your bicycle and gives you room to carry just about anything.  This includes people, other bikes, 6 bags of groceries, etc. So if you really want to use your bicycle like you use your car it's a very real step in the right direction.

With this however, comes a bicycle that is slightly unwieldy when it comes to transporting the bicycle (e.g. when your not riding it).  The extra length means it doesn't fit on a traditional tray style bike rack or rear mount bike rack....or bus bike racks for that matter.  If you own a pickup truck, VW Vanagon, or even a Honda Element you can just throw it inside with you for a quick trip.  What about the rest of you poor folks who want Xtracycles though!!??

Well, one of my good friends made the trip to the San Francisco Bike Expo last week and has found the answer!  Folding bike combined with Xtracycle!!!  All the cargo and half the room...small enough to fit in the back seat of a Civic (well maybe).

Photo by Kirk (who didn't even get me any Pliny).

The Truth about crosswalk lights!

Ok, so most the cross walks aren't that bad in Reno.  There are a few though that I can't even clear while out for a this seems appropriate!

Streetfilms Shortie - Crosswalk Running Man (Guadalajara) from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Found this true!

The rack...medieval torture device or a place to put your bike.

I guess it's all a mater of perspective.  Sometimes, based on the number of racks at particular location or the haphazard way people use the bike racks, it is an act of torture to find or use the racks provided. I'm certainly not a bike rack connoisseur....I'm happy to lock up to anything secure, made out of metal, and in a fairly high visibility location. rant.....
However, a trip out to Patagonia this weekend  got me thinking.  Specifically, the problem at Patagonia is there are two bike racks with two parking locations per rack (four bikes total if you're counting).  They are very close together and located in some overgrown plantings so access is a bit tight.  It gets even tighter when someone parks a single bike across both racks (people can suck at parking bikes, just like they suck at parking cars folks!).  All in all, we were able to shuffle around and get securely locked up....but it was a pain.  This location especially annoys me because it's fricking Patagonia.  Environmental friendly company right???  I did not notice anyone parking a car having such problems parking (and the lot was full).  Seems messed up.  Patagonia officially gets a fail from me on the rack situation.

Ok, back to racks in general.  First, I've decided I'm going to start documenting locations and conditions.  It's going to take a while and will be boring if you don't care.  I'm thinking just a picture and a few thoughts about location, ease of use, number of spaces, and security.  Here are few pictures before you fall asleep reading this.

City of Reno rack on Virginia St. and the River Path.  Location is sort of odd.  Ease of use is good. Probably holds 4 bikes easily.  Good construction and bolted down for security. Moderate points on the art rack.

Location is great...right out front in clear view.  Ease of use is good .  Probably holds 5 bikes easily and more of you lock up around the edges.  Good construction and bolted down for security. 

Location is sort of odd (just down the river from above (Sierra St.)).  Ease of use is good.  Probably holds 6 bikes easily if you back in.  Good construction and bolted down for security.  Extra points for being an art rack!

Harrah's automobile museum.  Location is mixed.  It's on the river path but in the back of the building.  Kind of a sketchy area and low visibility.  Ease of use is good. Probably holds 6 bikes easily.  Good construction but not bolted down for security.  Ironically, chained to a wooden bench?

Ok, that's a start.  I think I'll just keep adding as I see them.

There are a few places I really like that need bike racks too.  Great Basin, Silver Peak on the River, and Sierra Tap House to start!  I guess I'll need  a separate list for places that need racks added.  It sure is a good thing I can think up endless bikey ways to waste my time! 

Until then....lock um or lose um. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

If you like to ride....sign this!!

From the League of American Bicyclists:

Please head here to sign.

Tell the Senate that bikes have a right to the road

The draft of the Senate's transportation authorization bill, S. 1813 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, includes language that would introduce a mandatory sidepath law on roads in our National Parks and other Federal lands. It requires cyclists on Federal lands to use a path or trail, instead of roads, if the speed limit is over 30 MPH and a trail exists within 100 yards, regardless of its condition or utility of the path. The provision sets a terrible precedent. Passing it would send the wrong message to transportation agencies that these policies are acceptable. Laws like this have been taken off the books in states over the past 30 years. This takes us in the wrong direction.
For more information, read Andy Clarke's blog post.
The League is working on many other aspects of the transportation reauthorization bill. This petition relates specifically to the mandatory sidepath law, which we felt deserved special attention. Stay tuned for news and action alerts related to this and other aspects of this critical legislation.
Please join us in telling the Senate that the mandatory sidepath law is a bad idea -

Dear Senators,
We ask you to remove the mandatory sidepath language (Section § 203 (d)) from the transportation authorization bill, S. 1813 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act. The law unfairly and unreasonably restricts cycling at a time when we should be encouraging bicycling for transportation, health, recreation, air quality and a host of other reasons.
I Bike I Vote
Merrill Smith
Helena, AL
“Is it really that difficult to consider alternative transportation methods when roads are upgraded? I also second the earlier comment, "I will not vote for any senator that votes for this bill!"”
Craig Yoas
Grand Haven, MI
“I've experienced first hand the lack of awareness of and concern for cyclists' rights displayed by our National Parks' rangers. This legislation is a huge mistake on many levels and I'm worried about the precedent it would set - a giant step backwards for cyclists!”
Nancy Redpath
Davis, CA
“Road bikes are vehicles and should be on the road.”
David Green
Acton, MA
“I would love to have National Parks closed to private motor vehicles. Many wildlife are killed each year by the automobile. It would be safer if only tour vehicles, park employees and overnight campers were allowed to drive in the park. I have found it nearly impossible to bicycle on roads in Yellowstone because the shoulders are not wide enough and visitors are speeding and not paying attention to the road. Shuttle buses like in Zion Park should be a model for national parks the world over. ”
Daniel Conway
Somerville, MA
“I pay my taxes, and want to cycle on the roads. Kill the bill requiring mandatory side paths.”
John Siegenthaler
Holland Patent, NY
“I manage to share the road with motorized vehicles all over the country. I do not think it is a positive to take my rights to the road away. Bicycles are accepted forms of transportation and limiting our access to roads is unfair and uninformed. I pay taxes on these roads and I am not ready to give up my rights. I also vote in every election. ”
Chris Gallagher
Vacaville, CA
“While I personally prefer side paths, creating mandatory use is not something that I support. This law would feed problems in areas where there are no bike paths. What's next? Passing a law that bikers need to ride on sidewalks as well? While I personally will most likely be on paths, that is my choice. Please don't force it upon those who prefer the road or force it upon me when the paths are in disrepair.”
Rachael Kenney
Golden, Co
“Please remember my tax dollars pay for the roads too. I VOTE ”
Proctor, Mn
“The precedent that has been set on the George Washington parkway has already resulted in one motorist using their vehicle to attack a group of cyclist. This should not be allowed to become the norm. Cycling is a form of transportation thus it cannot be allowed to be diverted to discontinuous, poorly designed and maintained paths with limited hours of access. ”
Peter Henry
Alexandria, VA


On the way in to work today I rode under this.... 

I'm not one for symbolic interpretation, but I've got to think it means one of two things.  Either all my "ducks" are in a row for the upcoming work day or I'm in for a shit storm (quite literally, if you rode under this at the wrong time)!

Update:  I've been at work for almost 4 hours....glad to report it looks like a ducks all in a row day!  Happy Monday everybody. 

Weekend wanderings.

Well, I didn't accomplish anything this weekend....  It's been a while since I've had a lazy relaxing weekend and I must say I really did enjoy it.  So with that in mind Saturday went something like this.

Got up....had coffee...made breakfast (Homemade buttermilk pancakes, bacon, eggs, and maple syrup).  Rolled out around 11 am for Patagonia (we have coupons!).

Found ourselves on the bike route down by Idlewild park and made our way to the bike path that leads out from Chissy Caughlin park.

The path just out of Chrissy Caughlin is really looking like it's been bombed out.  Lots of circular failures through the asphalt.  Anyone know what does this....some bomber plant punching through?....thin paving over large rocks???  Anyway, after winding our way through the paths and bike lanes on Mayberry (which are awesome), we ended up out at the Patagonia Outlet.

Sorry, stock photo...forgot to snap a new one.

Oh, and the parking lot didn't look anything like this.  Turns out Patagonia was having a Veteren's Day sale and every single parking spot was taken.  Good thing we were on bikes....we parked about 4 ft from the door!  It is however a little disappointing to see all the Patagoochie wearing locals drive out for the sale....only one other sole ventured out by bicycle.  Needless to say it was nuts inside, but we did find a few items (nano puff rules)!  

So after our shopping adventure, we headed for home.  It had been sunny on the ride out, but clouds and a steady breeze appeared to challenge our warmth and progress on the ride.  So we did what every intrepid cyclist does best.....detoured asap to the local pizza place (Eclipse Pizza in this case) to wait for sunny times to return while having a beer.  

Beer turned into beer, calzone, and wings.  Some of the best in Reno in my opinion.  If you haven't tried Eclipse you really should.  Anyway, with sunshine returning we waddled our way back to the bikes and headed up Mayberry on those lovely new bike lanes.  Right out of the Eclipse parking lot at the first intersection I just about fell over....not literally, but I believe I found the first embedded signal trigger in Reno!!!

Put your wheel here and you get to pretend you are actually traffic that maters!  Meaning that you don't have to do the shuffle of shame to push the pedestrian crossing button or wait for a car to trigger the light.  Ironically, you'll pretty much never be at this intersection without a car next to you....but it is a sign of progress, so I'm all for it!

The route home eventually lead us through the old southwest Reno neighborhood and we realized we were awful close to the Reno Homebrewer and hadn't made our regular donation of cash for beer and / or beer related products lately (ok, it's been two whole weeks). So yet another detour was embarked upon.

Upon our arrival, it was the usual mayhem.  Wine presses were out and juice was flowing.  Dogs ran rampant and grain dust was in the air.  Once we did the meet and greet with all the regular club members we found a spot at the picnic table and enjoyed a nice Grand Tetons Saison!  Ah, and for the record the bike count at the Reno Homebrewer was higher than Patagonia (four counting us)!

After finishing our beers and picking up some farm fresh eggs and barrel aged sour beer to go, we managed to actually finish the ride the rest of the way back home without additional shenanigans.  All in all a complete  waste of a good portion of the day, but it sure was fun!  Hope your weekend was half as worthless as mine!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rink on the River.

Late this week we saw another sign that winter weather is on it's way.  The rink on the river setup closed the bike trail for the morning....a closure that I'm more than happy to tolerate.  The city of Reno always seems to be hemming and hawing about whether they have the money for such things.  I'm assuming they've found an outside operator to risk any losses this year.  Either way, I think things like this are what makes Reno a great can always take a ride and find something interesting to do!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little cyclists are everywhere!

I went for a short ride on lunch today.  I was kind of bored with my normal routes so I cruised through the business park and then down McCarren to the south east.  And before you start in....yes, you really won't be bored if you try to ride this section of McCarren.  Definitely, not recommended for hesitant riders!  Anyway, I had it stuck in my head I wanted to check out the skate park.  Not sure why, that's just what was in my head.

As you can see it's really pretty big....big enough for the xtracycle to make some turns.  Yeah, it wasn't pretty but it was fun!  Oh, yeah, check out the cool chain link art on the right!

The part I found really cool is the next generation of bicycle riders is already out and about.  There must have been twenty kids just tooling around in the bowls, snake ride, and freestyle areas.  Scooters, push bikes, and even a few on little bmx bikes trying to make some moves!  Hopefully, a few of them will remember just how fun it is to ride a bike twenty years from now.

Trail builders still needed!

If you've got the time to help out, please join the crew down in Carson City this weekend!

 Taken from Muscle Powered (author Jeff Moser):

Saturday, November 12 - TAMBA Trail day with Carson Valley Trails Association.

Upcoming Trail Work Days

We started the season here with the IMBA Trail Care Crew visit in April. CVTA has been busy all summer working on the Sierra Canyon Trail with trail machines putting in around 13 miles of new trail. Now they are trying to finish the last half mile section by hand. Let’s head down there and help them out!! Meet at the end of Carson Street (2 blocks south of the 4-way intersection) in Genoa at 9am. Bring your own lunch, we’ll be eating on the trail, about a 15 minute hike in. For those that stay till the end, TAMBA will buy the first round at the oldest bar in Nevada, walking distance from the trailhead! Wearing layers would be good and typical safety items like safety glasses/sunglasses and gloves. We’ll have the hardhats. More info on TAMBA website:

Lower Sierra Canyon Work Day – Photo courtesy of CVTA

This is the plan from CTVA on the rest of the season:

Starting this Saturday November 12, we will have trail building opportunities every day through November 20th from 8 a.m to 3 p.m. each day at the end of Carson Street in Genoa. The project site is a 15 minute walk from the trailhead. There is work in the sun or shade depending how cold it is. Wear layers, some days will be chilly and if you’d rather come a bit later in the morning, go for it.

We have built about about 1,000 feet of trail over the past 8 work days, some of the most challenging you may ever build, thank you. We have about 2,300 challenging feet left to go to connect and open the final ~8.1 mile Genoa Loop.

Required work wear is long pants, long-sleeved shirts, sunglasses or other eye protection…very important, good hiking shoes and work gloves.
Bring lunch and water.
Tools and hard hats are provided.
Check the CVTA website for cancellations if the weather is questionable.

1st Steet's new look and bicycle warfare begins!

Man, work has been kicking my butt this week.  Tons of bikey stuff is going on though so a quick post is a must.  First up the good news.  More bike lanes in Reno!!  First street is the latest recipient of the road diet treatment and I must say she is looking good!

Nice wide bike lanes all the way!

Even a pedestrian bump out to allow for easier crossings.

Ok, now some scary news.  The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee just released the draft of the transportation reauthorization bill.  To jog your memory, this is the bill that Rand Paul and many other Republicans wanted to strip all bicycle, pedestrian, and "enhancement" dollar out of.  Fortunately, each of their efforts to do so was soundly defeated!  However, the bipartisan committee has seen fit to release a bill where all the funding for bikes, pedestrians, and enhancements has NO dedicated funding source.  The language leaves all the good types of projects in the bill, just no money!

So to reiterate....  The bill would also no longer provide dedicated funding to key pots of money like Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School, and the Recreational Trails Program.  In 2010, those three programs got a total of $1.146 billion dollars. (Note that all those programs would still be eligible for funding, they just wouldn't have a guaranteed source.)

Oh, and for the record the bikey funding is less than 1 percent of the total budget in this bill....the largest portion is already for dedicated "vehicle" projects.  So basically this is a total anti-Robin Hood type scenario.  It's a rob from the poor and give to the rich move.  So if you have any questions about who the bad guys are, this analogy should do it for you!

There are other egregious portions of the bill as well like this:

"(d) BICYCLE SAFETY.—The Secretary of the appropriate Federal land management agency shall prohibit the use of bicycles on each federally owned road that has a speed limit of 30 miles per hour or greater and an adjacent paved path for use by bicycles within 100 yards of the road."

Basically, stripping cyclist the right to the road if their happens to be a path and the speed limit is over 30 mph.  The league of American bicyclists and many others are already working to get this language removed form the bill so at least we have advocates on our side!  However, if you care about riding your bicycle on touring routes you should think about writing your senators and congressional representative.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bicycles save you $$$$.

I really use a bicycle to get to work, run errands, and hit the town because I enjoy it and it puts a stupid smile on my face.  Or if you prefer, I can drink an extra beer without getting fat!  The other side of that coin is I was raised Dutch....meaning today while riding in I actually hit the brakes because I saw a penny on the road.  Yep, I turned around and went back and picked it up.  That kind of dutch, or frugal, or cost conscious, or what every you want to call it.   However, when you really put the numbers to the costs associated with driving a car, you might want to consider being a little Dutch!

Compiled courtesy of our friends at Mr. Money Mustache.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anything is 5K in negative 30 minutes!

The crew at 1:49am ..... one minute before start!

Robin and Becky with a negative 30 minute finish at 1:20 am!

Doug and Anne finish through the time warp.

Doug in immediate need of breakfast burritos.

  Kirk and Becky coming out of time warp....or yep, I suck at night time photos!

Wifey and I.