Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ultrarunning...not biking but really cool!

Yep, It's not always about biking.  Sometimes running is part of the game.  Tonight at UNR there is a screening of Run Free - The Story of Caballo Blanco.  You might even have read the book, Born to Run.  Anyway, It's sure to be a good show so come down to the student union and join in.  7pm tonight...tickets are $12 online or $15 at the door.

Check out the full page here:

Friday, September 25, 2015

It's the Weekend....

What will you be doing!?

Great Streets Coalition - A Public Service Anouncement for Midtown!

If you don't think people really care how Midtown gets redesigned you're dead wrong!  The Great Streets Coalition volunteers even went so far as to put together a PSA on what Great Streets are.  Have a listen and see if you agree.  Then head over to facebook and get involved!


Midtown Meeting....

Wednesday evening the Great Streets Coalition hosted a meeting to get out more information on what's actually planned and happening with the redesign in the Midtown area.  In short the meeting was well attended by both regular folks and business owners.  The discussions were very positive with the continued primary questions being focused on parking and bike lanes. 

Free appetizers and good beer!  Bet you wish you came now!

Not surprisingly, the single bike rack at Brasserie was full to overflowing so locking up to the fence was a popular option!

 To give a quick rehash of where the project stands.  Everyone is on board with wider sidewalks (10 ft plus) and these are in the current RTC plan.  The plan also includes ditching the continuous center turn lane and will have turn pockets that pop back into existence at primary intersections.  Finally, the current plan includes NO bike lanes but does have sharrows (share the lane markings that allow cyclists to ride right down the middle of the lane) in the midtown district.  The current level of on street parking will not be decreased in the existing plan.

The parking vs. bike lanes continues to be the dividing issue with most business owners.  The surveys done by RTC show the majority of the public prefers to give up some parking for the bike lanes.  The business owners when polled are currently about 50-50 on parking vs. bike lanes.  

The short take from me on the bike lane vs. parking issue.  Midtown only has a perceived parking problem.  I'm in midtown about 3-4 times a week.  I bike and I drive.  There is always convenient parking if you're willing to walk a block or two....and to be honest this is ONLY at lunch time.  You can park right on Virginia St. within a half block of the business your interested in at any other time of day (yep, including during night life hours).  And in all fairness, it's just as hard to find a place to lock up a bike at lunch time....all the bike racks are FULL!

So, to make the street safe for everyone we'd have to give up about 36 parking spots (yep, only 36).  This lets everyone use Midtown...even Steven...no preferences to one group.  And with the current plan we'd be replacing those 36 spots with additional parking on side streets and actually GAINING additional parking spot numbers!!

Unfortunately, right now the RTC plan is no bike lanes and just keep adding parking for cars.  So that's the short and sweet story.  If you want to help change the current plan please get involved.  Send an email (contacts below) to your council person and the mayor.  Let me know you want streets that work for everyone....not just a special group.


Friends of Great Streets,

Thanks to all of you that attended our meeting at the Brasserie last night. As we mentioned, it's getting down to the wire to convince a few more City Council members that we need a great street. 

If you can, please take a few minutes to email and/or call the following City Council members to tell them in your own words:

1) Thank you for supporting wide sidewalks, street trees and slower speed limits on Virginia Street; and 
2) We need your leadership to create a safe bicycle route from UNR all the way through Midtown.

Council members Brekus and Bobzien are already on board with this vision. But council members Duerr, Delgado and McKenzie are on the fence. You can contact them at:

Naomi Duerr: 775-334-2017, duerrn@reno.gov
Oscar Delgado: 775-334-2012, delgadoo@reno.gov
Paul McKenzie: 775-334-2015 , mckenziep@reno.gov

It is extremely important that these council members continue to hear from Reno citizens that this is an important issue! It will also be important to have lots of people attend the City Council meeting when this issue comes up for a vote; we will let you know as soon as that is scheduled.

Thank you for your help!

- Great Streets Coalition

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

RTC Launches Complete Street Outreach.

Here's another way to get involved with making our community a more functional place for everyone!  So mark your calendars and get out there to make your voice herd.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Make Midtown Yours....Come Put in Your 2 Cents!


Background information can be found at the Great Streets Coalition Facebook Page if your interested.

Cyclecross Racing....one picture that didn't make the paper!

Yep, disco ball helmet, sequin tank top, and silver shorts.  Rode the whole course while chugging a beer.  There are a million other pictures of the races...but I think this one might be my favorite!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Reno Cycle Chic!?

Yep, I was driving last week due to the busted up shoulder and ribs.  And right on my regular commute was this gentleman.  Stripped right down to a true European Speedo and flip flops just cruising along.  And yeah, you can't un-see this one!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

CrossReno Video Action!

Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be cheering from the side lines for the inaugural RenoCross...guess that will teach me to play chicken with full sized trucks on the way to work.  However, if this doesn't get you out to check out (or participate) in the action....nothing will!

Check out the first CrossReno professional video! Please Select HD.Featuring our BadAss Riders. Featuring parts of the...
Posted by CrossReno - Cyclocross Event and Music Festival on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 

Epic Rides presents Carson City Off-Road!

This little gem was just released by Epic Rides down at Interbike in Las Vegas.  An event for everyone that will literally bring millions of $$$ to the region just because....Biking!  And in case you think it's just for a bunch of pro bikers, there are 3 classes / courses that will host everyone from the toughest pros to the greenest beginner

Joining the Whiskey Off-Road in Prescott, Ariz. and the Grand Junction Off-Road in Grand Junction, Colo., the Carson City Off-Road in Carson City, Nev. is scheduled for June 17-19, 2016. Across all three events, the Series will offer a Pro Purse of $100,000 – the most significant xc mountain bike purse worldwide (non-team).

More details at the Epic page....just click below:


City Priorities and $$$ Spent.

A friend of mine posted this on his blog, Good Little City a few days ago.  I can't help but repost it.  It shows that when the City of Reno wants something it gets done.  The question now is does the City of Reno want to be a forward thinking city that builds for ALL it's people....

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

From the mouth of babes....why we need bike lanes in Midtown.

Totally not local, but related to our current Midtown issues....sometimes the basics are so simple that even a child gets it.  So why doesn't Reno City Council and RTC!?

Here's the text:

Here is Grossman's spiel. You may want to put on a patriotic tune while you read it.
Clearly there are motorists out there who are not mature enough to share the road without having the rules painted on the road to show who goes where. The road diet, by design, is meant to slow down cars because — motorists are the problem. Even if there are zero bicyclists taking advantage of the bike lanes, it doesn't matter. The road diet effectively reduces collisions and the statistics prove this. Stop bullying and victim-blaming the pedestrians and bicyclists as being the problem.
If motorists acted towards women, or another group of people, the way you act towards cyclists, people would be horrified by your hateful words and violent actions.
I don't understand why driving a car makes you think you're more important than someone else. You're not.
It's whiny entitled behavior you wouldn't tolerate from a kid, why should I tolerate it from adults?
Here's a couple more locals who seem to agree!

Finalized CrossReno Course....And last day for registration!

Head over to the CrossReno website if you need to register or get more information!  http://cxreno.com/

I Played Bike vs. Car today....I lost.

I'm not actually even sure how many years I've been bike commuting on a daily basis.  Probably somewhere around 10 years.  In that time I've been pretty darn lucky and never actually been "hit" by a car (that resulted in me augering in).  That changed this morning.

Long story short.  I was riding East on Mill St. approaching Terminal Way.  Traffic was backed up as usual and I was passing cars who where moving less than 10 mph.  As I approached Terminal Way a truck decided he couldn't wait to get into the gas station and abruptly merged into the bike lane (and me).  I slid up his side panel hitting the passenger side door and took off his mirror with my left shoulder.  Then I stylishly executed a superman over the handle bars and stuck the dismount with the ever popular sliding right shoulder, rib, and hip "landing".  All and all a moderate "right hook" type situation.

Now before you worry too much...I'm ok.  Shoulder is sore (but I think, ok) and the ribs hurt.  A nice little addition to my road rash collection.  Like most folks who get hit, adrenaline was pumping and my first impression was to say I was fine and just get to work...  Instead, I just sat there for a few minutes and evaluated.  The guy who hit me was right there making sure I was ok, along with a few witnesses from the gas station.  They called 911 and ambulance and police were there in a few minutes.

I was mostly worried about unseen damage to my bike and making sure I had a collision report and insurance info from the guy.

So, here's what you get for your trouble.  I'm actually impressed that it says collision information rather than accident.  And for the record the ambulance folks were there and took vitals and offered to clean me up.  No push to go for treatment...but they did ask if I wanted to go to the hospital.  Super friendly and professional.  The same case for the RPD officers.  They took it seriously, knew that I was allowed to pass on the right because the bike lane is a legal travel lane.  Totally top notch performance and I want to give them props for that.

So yeah, that was my morning.  I think the bike is okay, with just cosmetic damage.  I'm okay, with hopefully just cosmetic damage.  My current biggest concern....how much this is gonna hurt me in the CrossReno cyclocross race this weekend! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Carrying Stuff Dilemma...and a Regular Commute.

Anyone who has followed this blog know that I have several bicycles.  Everything from an Xtracycle that will carry about 6 bags of groceries to a road bike that will carry, well....me.

So, I don't really have a reason to complain about choosing a bike that will carry what I need every day.  However, sometimes you end up using a bike that isn't ideal for a particular day.

Today was that day and for the first time in a long time I was forced to grab an old messenger bag.

My point being that even if you don't have a bike that will carry a ton of stuff....a simple backpack will usually be enough for the daily commute.  I'm sure I'll have a nice sweaty back by the time I get home with this bag but it's still a lot more fun than just driving!  So grab your bike and a bag and get out for a great fall commute!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Craft Bottle Shop puts in a Parklet!

While some businesses in Midtown are fighting tooth and nail to keep a couple on street parking spots, Craft Bottle shop is pulling a parking spot in favor of getting more people to hang out at their shop!

Now I'm no expert...but I bet this parking trade off will get more business and $$$ for Craft than the single two convenient parking spot they're giving up.  Now if only some other business owners pay attention!


Here's the actual plan:

Weekend Plans.

The plan is very simple:

Probably in that order....but we'll leave that open to change.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Oh yeah....don't forget!

A couple of balloons were up for a practice run this morning.

Cyclocross Reconfiguration.

It's that time of year again.  With RenoCross taking place on the 19th, it's time to start stripping the bike back into cyclocross configuration.

My current daily config.  Yeah, yeah, I should have used a flash.  It gets dark too early these days.

Stripped parts on the bar.  Yes, a beer is required for the process.

10 lbs lighter and ready to roll.

Dollars for Delinquency!?

Ok, I have actually been on facebook lately (which used to be rare) and I found this.  It entertained me so I thought I'd repost.  Add up the $$$ for everything you've done. 

I'm at $200.  Not sure if you're supposed to be high dollar or low dollar to win....but it's kinda entertaining.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

People want Complete Streets in Midtown....but is the Mayor even Listening!?

Here's two more people who took time to actually write up why Midtown is better with bike lanes.

OMG!  Look at her picture.  She's in a car and still wants bike lanes in Midtown.
Of course...because even cyclists drive to Midtown...and there's always enough parking!

However, I kinda wonder if it even matters since one of the biggest voices of opposition to the bike lanes in Midtown spent last week taking the Mayor (personal friend) out to Burning Man on her dime! 

Taken from the RGJ.

And while I'm painfully aware of how lobbying works in politics and the affect big business has on the national scale....it really sucks to see that these types of practices actually exist at the city level of politics.  It's not how the system is supposed to work and Hillary shouldn't be taking these types of gifts if she wants to appear objective in contentious projects like Midtown. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ballon Race Slow Roll....Yep, you read the time right!

Click here for the link

That's right....if Dawn Patrol isn't early enough for you, there's a slow roll up to Rancho San Rafael Park to see the balloons in all their early morning glory!  So drink a cup of coffee and come join us for the fun!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Bikeyface Cartoon....Directly what we are dealing with in Midtown!

I don't even have to add a comment....

**Check out all the Bikeyface comics by clicking below***


Ok, I do.  This is exactly what my day was like yesterday, for the photo op on Keystone.  Including Joe Harrington (the public relation officer for RTC) biking without his front brake hooked up and with his quick release skewer open!  It's like Bikeyface comics is channeling Reno!

Long Weekend Plans?

Don't judge.  You know it's at least as any plans you have for the weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Politics of Bike Lanes...Vote Against Them...Show up and take Credit when they go in!?

Yesterday I had the "privilege" of being invited to a grand opening of the new Keystone complete street redesign...which includes some new bright green thermoplastic sharrows and thermoplastic highlighted bike lanes.  Don't get me wrong, these bike lanes (and complete street design) are a great thing and I have actually been riding them for a couple weeks.  They also represent a protracted battle where a few residents who had a council member's ear delayed their implementation for more than a year!  Hmmmm....a few voices holding up bike lanes in City Council.....sounds strangely familiar.....hmmmfff....Virgina Street!?

RTC and City Council Brass patting each other on the back and celebrating "their" efforts and success!?

The part that was hardest to swallow about this whole photo op.....That Naoma Jardon was there to share in this success.  She held the process hostage for a year based on her own "research" about traffic studies (that were just plain wrong), baseless concerns that people wouldn't be able to get out of the neighborhood to get to work if we removed a lane (traffic flow is actually better this way), and just perhaps out of ignorance.  None of these is a valid reason to delay a project when you have a host of experts at RTC telling a council member it's a good project and the majority 80+ percent of people at the public meetings support the project.

Once the project is completed and works out really well (reducing traffic speeds, improving traffic flow, and helping reconnect two neighborhoods previously separated by a "highway") here she is to take credit for a great improvement for our city.  Classic politician move....ugh!!!!

On the up side....after two years of work and a dozen plus public meetings.  We have bike lanes on Keystone!!!  So, while the process may be ugly, if you hang in long enough apparently we can still make it happen!  So let's hope our tenacity will get us some bike lanes in Midtown in the next few years!