Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New Bike share in Reno!

It might be a limited offering for people who live (or work?) out of a certain building, but offering more transportation options that aren't single passenger vehicles is always a great idea!

 KTVN Video Coverage
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From KTVN News:  A new bike share service is in town, but the bikes are not lime green and only about 200 residents can use them. It's called Zagster.
Zagster officially launched in Reno, Tuesday. It's in partnership with Basin Street Properties, who wanted to offer the service specifically to its business tenants. They're starting out with six bikes, but could grow to more.
Similar to Limebike, you have to download the app to use it, or you can rent by texting.  However, the general public isn't allowed to ride them.
Users also have to return the bikes to the single docking location on West Liberty Street. Employees get the first four hours of riding for free, then pay two bucks an hour after that.
Basin Street Properties implemented this service to promote a healthy lifestyle for their tenants. Judy Villagomez, Senior Property Manager says, "It's all about sustainability, you know keeping the environment clean, keeping people in shape, getting outside and enjoying the weather we have here."
The pilot program is expected to last at least six months, then they'll evaluate the service. If it's been successful enough, Basin Street Properties could expand Zagster to their other two properties in town.
Villagomez says Zagster did get their business license approved with the City of Reno. We reached out to Zagster but never heard back. A representative with the City of Reno says the company is playing by the rules.
If you'd like to learn more about the service, click here.

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