Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A good old fashion river trail commute!

I used to ride the river trail pretty much every day....for years....and years.  It suddenly became kind of boring, so I switched and have ridden Mill St. for the last 9 months or so.  I guess I kind of enjoy "being traffic".  The odd part is that while taking Mill St. shaves about a mile off my commute it takes exactly the same amount of time.  The reason of course is the multiple traffic lights and stop signs (and yes, I do stop and wait for signals and stop signs).  However, even the river trail isn't devoid of construction delays these days!

I actually really enjoyed being back on the trail.  I had forgotten how quite and rather peaceful it is.  And I found I actually ride slower.  On Mill St. you kind of hustle between lights and stop signs.  And yes, the "flow" (or lack there of) of traffic is agitating even on a bike.  Although there is the rather fun part of biking along a row of 50 cars in an empty bike lane and queuing up right at the light. 

The other thing I noticed on the ride is just how low the Truckee river is. 

There are a ton of places where you could walk across and only be wet to your ankles!  And multiple places where the river is less than 20 ft wide.  And given the big rain event we had last evening the river looks about like chocolate milk.

Anyway, that's the morning commute report.  So get out there and find some fun on your morning ride!


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  2. The river is low; it is sad :-( I have been thinking of an alternate route from the trail too. To mix it up and because lately I have had too many close calls. While on the trail I nearly had a head-on collision with another person on a bike at one of the curvy blind corners. Fortunately I was going slow and my reflexes were quick enough to brake which allowed the other person to swerve around me. And today, if I had been a few seconds faster I would have collided with another person on a bike coming around the same corner. Both times the other person was on the wrong side and both times they were flying around the corner without regard to who else may be on the other side. They really need to slow down and learn how to take corners. It is getting frustrating...and probably is for the pedestrians also. It's just rude that some people have no common sense to slow down when they should.