Monday, June 2, 2014

Dry Pond Loop.

Part of the weekend riding was a bit of mountain biking.  I don't always manage to get in the car and drive to the trail it was thanks to my friend Joel that I got out of the house Sunday afternoon and headed up to Timberline road for some Galena based fun.  We did a little out and back to the wilderness area boundary and then caught the connector over to dry pond.  Sorry there aren't any pictures of the ride.  I accidentally left my phone in the car when we headed out.

You might notice the average pace was a bit on the low side for this ride.  For the record, this shows just how tough Joel is.  Even when he called me about doing the ride, he knew he'd had a "big night" the evening before.  By the time we hit the trail head he was hurting!  To his credit he worked through it and did the whole ride even with the hangover.  And to show true commitment, he was even up for a "carrot" at the end of the ride.

"Carrot" located on the rail of the truck bed. 

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