Thursday, June 12, 2014

Riding is Key!

In this case it literally is.  I've been riding by this broken key for just about 2 years (no joke).  It's moved down the street (1st St.) over the years, but it always resides in the bike lane somewhere.  Right now it's just West of Ralston in the East bound bike lane. 

Look by the riders lower "foot".

Proof positive riding is "key"!
I've considered picking it up....I do actually stop to pick up change (I am Dutch after all), but anymore it's part of my ride.  Sometimes I guess it's just the little things each day that make the ride enjoyable.  So.....what's your key every morning?

1 comment:

  1. I cannot believe that the key has not been picked up or moved! Where my girlfriend and I ride our bikes, there is someone's name written in the concrete. We pass by it everyday and it is just one of those small things that I think about when riding. I hope that your key will stay on your riding path for many more years.