Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rivendell Bicycles Grant Petersen comes to town. **UPDATED**
Click to link to the RGJ story.
Now that is a title for a newspaper story!  If you want to hear more about this novel idea, please join in by heading down to Sundance Bookstore on Sept. 4th, 6-9pm to hear Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles.  He is know for having some pointed opinions on the topic!  And if you happen to have his book "Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding your Bike", I'm sure he'll sign it for you!


***I just found out the event also has an organized ride starting at 5pm!  So be sure to come early so you too can ride with the legendary Grant Petersen!***


  1. I wonder if any one will show up for the ride in spandex.

  2. This is actually a hilarious idea. We all need to show up in full kit with nothing but carbon fiber race bikes. That should provoke Grant into some real discussion!!

  3. I love my carbon fiber race bike and, I look great in spandex!

  4. Ooh - this calls for a special outfit!! But I cannot decide to go with 1) but it might be too warm for summer or 2) girl, where did you get those shoe covers?!?! or 3) those accessories are a must!!

    For the ride, I say we take Mayberry to Plateau to Caughlin Parkway to McCarran and Cashill down Skyline.