Friday, September 5, 2014

An evening with Grant Petersen.

The Sundance Bookstore and the Reno Bike Project put on a really nice evening last night.  Everyone gathered at Sundance around 5pm.  We then all took a nice little bike ride around downtown, Idlewild park, and down our "Bike Boulevard". 

Down California Ave.

Some traffic calming along Idlewild Dr.

Through Idlewild on the bike/running path.  Grant and Mr. Clark in tow....

Along our BBINO (Bicycle Boulevard in Name Only).
Rather ironically it does become a functional Bike Boulevard when you put 30 bikes in a group and the cars just can't pass you willy nilly!  

Grant giving a very interesting history lesson.
Once back at the bookstore, Grant gave a nice talk about the history (last 40 years) of cycling as he's seen it.  The main lesson was that a good basic bike is all you need.  Something with a little bigger tires than the "racer" main stream dictates.  Then the key is to just ride your bike.  It's not about how many miles or how far you ride, it's for transportation, recreation, or whatever makes it work for you!

It was nice to meet the man behind Rivendell. I had envisioned him as a bit of a crusader against the "spandex" culture of bicycling.  Turns out he's just a regular guy who thinks more people would enjoy bicycling regardless of what you wear and what you ride.  Good words to live by!

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  1. Nice pics you got there!! Thanks for sharing the lessons that I missed. I'm glad to hear Grant is just a regular guy who shares the same philosophy and not just a "spandex" crusader.