Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And......apparently the perfect weather for flat tires!

Note the look of dismay in his eyes....I definitely have that!

Ok, I left my office just over 16 hours ago.  I'm back.  While this alone could be considered depressing, it's not what has me slightly annoyed.  It's that I've had THREE flat tires since then!  Now for the record these 3 flats include a set of mountain bike tires with stan's no tube setup, a traditional tubed tire, and a "puncture" proof kevlar tire with Mr. Tuffy tire liners!!

So there you have it....there is no tire God.  You will get flats if you "Ride in Reno".

I am now the proud owner of a tube pile!!

I'm calling BS on this one in any shape or size! 

On a more serious note.  The Stan's no tube setup has been working pretty well.  I pump them up once every two weeks or so and add a bit of stan's once a month.  I don't know what I hit yesterday, but it drained two ounces of stan's fluid out onto a puddle on the ground in about 20 seconds.  I know it was two ounces because I had added two ounce the night before.

I was lucky that I always pack an extra tube however, or I would have been calling for a ride.  It was a super messy adventure, but I was able to throw a tube in the tire and ride the rest of the way home.  Of course I had another puncture by the time I got home (or perhaps someone didn't check the slimy tire insides well enough to remove the offending sharp object)....but I made it to the driveway still riding!

I was slightly dumbstruck when the Xtracycle with Tourguard Kevlar tires and Mr. Tuffy strips flatted out on the way to work.  I didn't find the offending sharp thing when I patched it....but I'm counting it as a bad things come in threes issue.  I'm sure I'll be flat free for months.

***I immediately take back my last statement....I don't want "flat" karma coming my way!!***

So anyways, watch out of the pokey stuff out there if your riding in this great weather.  I'm officially going to be weaving all over the bike lane to avoid anything that even looks remotely sharp!


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