Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bicycle Weekend Bonanza!

Wow...this weekend turned into a bicycle extravaganza for me.  I guess I'll just lay it out as it happened via pictures.  It includes in no particular order....bike repair, rib fest, and mountain biking.

The Fargo has had some type of "hickup" in the drive train the last few days.  I cleaned the chain and it had no effect.  I was hoping for a stuck link as an easy solution.  Next on the list was the rear hub had a bit of slop...so I tore it apart.

After re-tightening the rear axle assembly, I decided the cassette was in need of a cleaning.

Based on the caked on grease and dirt I'd say I should have done it sooner.

With the drive train repaired it was off to ribfest with the Cuter Commuter and her husband.  I didn't even realize the 3 foot PSA billboard was in the shot.  

Rib Fest was crowded....shocking!

One of the 1/2 slabs we split....we opted for Nitro sauce since we all like hot and spicy.  Turns out we were a bit in over our heads on the spicy!

A second 1/2 slab....we opted just for the hot sauce this time.  And a little "sauce" to wash it down!

After a while we were sick of the crowds (and full of ribs)....so we headed back to Reno via East.4th St.  Swayed by my bad influence we ended up stopping off at Pigeon Head Brewing.  As you can see...they are bike friendly!

The beer was darn good too!  I really liked the Rye IPL and team Cuter Commuter enjoyed the Pilsner.  The pigeon head was out and about while we enjoyed our beer.  Not sure exactly how many beers you need to drink before you ask for the pigeon head!

Needless to say...I didn't make it home until rather late in the evening.  Sleep was elusive however, since the phone was ringing.  More plans for biking were made for relatively early the next morning!!

By 9am, bicycles (of the mountain flavor) littered the trailhead parking lot below dry pond.

Climbing on great single track was the name of the game.

And more climbing.....

Streams were forded!

Until we notice the fantastic new bridge about 50 ft away!!!  Thank you Forest Service and TAMBA!!

Dry pond (x2)...we went up and over from Thomas Creek to Jones Creek...up to the wilderness area....then back up to dry pond and back down Thomas Creek. 

The only reason we made it up and over Dry pond twice was because we had "carrots" dangling in front of us....well, back at the car anyways!
P.S.  If you've never ridden here....this is the map for the loop (or out and back in our case).

Ok, that's enough for one post....  Hope you spent some time in the saddle this weekend!

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  1. I am glad you made it to Ride for Ribs! We had a blast with you!! Thanks for showing us the new watering hole. I look forward to visiting again. Nice shot of the 3-feet billboard by the way!! I think I ran the Jones/Whites/Thomas Creeks Trail System for the Wicked Thorn Trail Run. NOT doing it this year though. Is it rideable with cross bikes?